Are You Losing Money On Complex Software Implementation?

When investing in software, businesses want products that offer a quick return on investment (ROI). Fast software implementation reduces the cost of setup and the overall cost of Information management. Simple setup increases your efficiency of organizations by minimizing IT involvement. Finally, existing users can quickly set up a new department by selecting an existing template.

Easy implementation is critical to business success! “It shouldn't have to be so hard. It shouldn't have to cost so much.”
-Scott Matthews, Founder, Digitech Systems

With an effective information management system such as ImageSilo® or PaperVision®.com, you can find, access, and deliver your information securely from anywhere, anytime. Embedded within these award-winning systems, solution profiles allow you to gain control of your information and automate your business processes with just the push of a button. These pre-configured profiles allow a user to quickly and easily create common business processes by simply choosing which profiles to add.

By reading this brief you will learn about all things solution profiles, including:

  • What’s included in a solution profile.
  • Why you need solution profiles.
  • How do solution profiles work.

How solution benefits you.

The PaperVision® product suite and embedded solution profiles combine to make the easiest document management set up on the planet!

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