Since 1999, Digitech Systems has become well-known for securely managing sensitive information for thousands of companies, including the Fortune 500, in their existing cloud Enterprise Content Management (ECM) service, ImageSilo®, so they have more than twenty years of experience maintaining information security and system reliability in the cloud—even during times of limited services and availability. brings the same cloud and cyber security expertise at a per-user, feature-based price. is available in three feature groups, all of which can be used to store scanned documents, images, and more than 250 types of electronic files. Choose from the following options depending on your business needs:

  • Basic – Perfect for five or fewer users, the basic option includes standard upload, organization, and secure retrieval capabilities. It is similar to other file sharing products.
  • Professional – Available for an unlimited number of users, the professional option builds on the basic features by adding electronic signatures, automated document retention and destruction, audit tracking, and more sophisticated security settings.
  • Enterprise – At the enterprise level, includes all of the features of both the basic and professional options. In addition, enterprise users can setup even more detailed security policies, automate processes, manage email messages and Enterprise Report Management (ERM) data, and create custom e-forms to capture information electronically.

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