plus large-format scanners from Contex result in a 300% scanning productivity improvement for reseller ImageOne. Read the whole story to find out why Kevin Corley, Executive Director, says the combination of scanners and cloud-based information management has been a huge win for the company.

Chantilly, VA – September 27, 2023 – Contex, the world leader in large format scanning, today announces that Image One has boosted scanning productivity by 300% with the 42-inch Contex HD Ultra X large-format scanner. The Florida-based document management services provider upgraded to the HD Ultra X for faster order processing while lowering customer cost and boosting margins. Image One combines the scanning services with its popular online document storage solution, PaperVision®.com from Digitech Systems. “Being able to marry those two on the back end has been huge for us,” says Kevin Corley, Executive Director of Technology Services for Image One.

Founded in 1994, Image One provides expert document scanning services, business process automation, and enterprise content management (ECM) solutions for a variety of industries including education, energy, medical, state, county and city government, finance, hospitality, among others. The company helps to improve business operations through the implementation of image capture and storage solutions, workflows, content management, forms processing, and email archive.

Image One has recognized an increase in demand for the cloud archiving solution after the COVID-related shutdowns changed people’s requirements around accessibility of hard copy documents. With, Image One offers its customers secure storage and 24/7 access to their large-format digital documents. “More and more are wanting to get everything scanned and online,” says Corley. “ enables them to have secure access to their documents from anywhere, using virtually any device.”

Image One’s goal is to offer customers the highest-quality technologies at the most cost-effective prices with Contex and PaperVision products playing a key role. “They keep running and we’ve never had anything but good luck with them,” Corley says.

For the scanning solution, Image One uses the Contex HD Ultra X 4250 large-format scanner with Nextimage scanning software to produce precise scanning results at unprecedented speeds. With the significant increase in processing speed over its previous system, Image One can now process thousands of documents a week.

Nextimage’s image preview has also contributed to increased throughput and improved profitability by eliminating the need for costly re-scanning. Previously, Image One had to rescan large format images about 60% of the time to achieve the desired quality and correct defects in the original. “Being able to adjust the image on the screen, get the quality that we want, get the corners to lighten up, get the middle to darken up and save that without having to re-scan has greatly improved our throughput,” Corley says. “On profitability and margins it has helped because it reduces the scan time that is budgeted for each job.”

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