Protecting the privacy of consumer information held by financial institutions is at the heart of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) of 1999. The GLBA applies to financial institutions – companies that offer financial products or services to individuals, like loans, financial or investment advice, or insurance. Companies that fail to comply with GLBA regulations face a $100,000 fine per violation and even potential jail time, YIKES! Despite being in existence for nearly 20 years, many businesses still struggle to meet GLBA compliance.

What if you could ensure all your organization’s financial data and strategies comply with the GLBA all with one simple solution? Distribute information efficiently, keep sensitive data secure, and establish a security plan you are confident in, to ensure compliance, improve productivity and save money.

Improve your understanding of these important privacy regulations using our two-page compliance brief. This simple, but straight-forward write-up helps you match GLBA requirements to specific technology aids to get right to the heart of what you need to do to stay compliant.

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