docudrivenIn 2015, Bruce Randall purchased a document management business, because he recognized that continued market growth created a significant opportunity. With a background in software, but not document management, Bruce needed to ensure vendor relationships included easy-to-use technologies that would help his business meet many customer needs.

Bruce realized that he couldn’t rely on the prior company’s customers or marketplace to reach all of his business goals. He also recognized that while the document management industry was growing, it was also shifting from digitization-only to business process automation goals enabled by electronic business records. He needed to ensure his product lineup could handle the change for their customers.

After attending Digitech Systems University (DSU), the companies’ annual reseller event, Randall knew this was a company he could trust and wanted to do business with. He loved the “toolbox” of the product suite that he knew would help meet any of his customers’ needs and the employees of Digitech Systems.

As a reseller, DocuDriven has built a trusted document management business that is able to help customer meet their evolving information management needs. Reading through this case study, you can find specific benefits that DocuDriven has experienced since becoming a Digitech Systems reseller like:

  • Recognized 1679% revenue growth
  • Grew customer base by 375%
  • Offers a “toolbox of flexible product options to meet customers’ needs
  • Streamline their internal scanning using Artificial Intelligence (AI)

How can offering process automation and digitization to customers help your business increase revenue and grow your customer base? Learn how by downloading and reading DocuDrivens’ reseller story.

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