Offer includes a free license of Nextimage scanning software and two months access to, with the purchase of a Contex IQ Quattro X or an HD Ultra X large format scanner — a savings of more than $800

Chantilly, VA – September 14, 2022 – Contex, the world leader in large format scanning, and Digitech Systems, the world’s most trusted cloud information management provider, today announce that they are extending the special offer for the scan and cybersecurity bundled offering to October 31, 2022.

The companies' offer includes two months access to the Professional service and a free license of Nextimage scanning software with the purchase of a Contex IQ Quattro X or an HD Ultra X large format scanner. The introductory offer reflects a savings of more than $800.

“We’re thrilled to extend this special promotion, because we believe this combination of technologies is one of the easiest ways for businesses to secure their large format records. Together, Contex scanners and Digitech Systems cloud information management services give customers everything they need to lock down important information while also making it more accessible to the individuals who may be working remotely,” said Christina Robbins, Director of Strategic Communications, Digitech Systems.

“Many of our customers jumped at the opportunity to add cybersecurity to their scanned assets. At just under $90 a month, the PaperVision service is at an attractive price point, especially for reprographic shops that serve a wide range of customers with varying security protocols,” comments Steve Blanken, General Manager, Contex.

New and existing Digitech Systems and Contex customers can use PaperVision®.com with the recently released PaperVision® Folder Monitor to add cybersecurity to scanned images as they are captured from a Contex large format scanner.

PaperVision Folder Monitor automatically sweeps files into its cloud content management service, instantly applying cybersecurity and information access settings. This enables companies to streamline and simplify data security, process automation, and more.

Large format scanning options

For the introductory offer, customers can choose between the Contex HD Ultra X or the IQ Quattro X large format scanners. The HD Ultra X is the market’s most efficient and flexible large format scanner for technical experts, graphical professionals, archivists, reprographic shops, and more. The powerhouse large format scanner captures every detail of maps, drawings, posters, newspapers, or fine art, and comes in 36-, 42-, and 60-inch widths.

The IQ Quattro X scanner series focuses on high-quality results for everyday scanning projects and provides sharp, clear images on the most detailed documents. The IQ Quattro X, available in 36- and 44-inch widths, is recommended for capturing large GIS maps, site plans, engineering drawings, blueprints, architectural renderings, and many other technical documents.

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