If your scanning bureau is still using physical and manual steps to process client documents, you could be falling behind competitors and missing potential business opportunities. Physical scanning processes are time-consuming and costly for scan bureaus. Many scanning bureau business owners are implementing products with Intelligent Automation (IA), and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) capabilities to accommodate evolving customer demands, enabling them to grow their business.

Mark Casey founded Casey Associates, Inc. in 1984 to provide scanning and digital mailroom outsourcing to clients. When they first started, staff would take pictures of paper to store images on film. While these processes were considered innovative at the time, over the years the organizations’ manual process steps were starting to drive up operating costs and were taking up too much time. In the early 2000’s Casey decided that if he wanted to grow his business, he needed to implement a technology solution that enabled him to keep up with his competitors and the evolving customer demands.

Casey found his solution through Digitech Systems. He liked how Digitech provided the technology he needed at half the price other vendors were charging. Currently, the organization is using a combination of PaperVision® Capture for in-house file scanning and PaperVision® Forms Magic to automatically extract data directly into other business applications. With this new system, Casey Associates is able t /capture o eliminate manual data entry for not only themselves but their clients as well. Becoming a Digitech Systems partner has also enabled Casey to expand offerings that include: automated Accounts Payable (AP) and Human Resources (HR) solutions, both cloud and on-premise document management offerings, e-form integrations, workflow automation solutions, and forms processing. Being able to leverage cutting-edge technology that uses AI and IA has allowed them to grow and expand their business by meeting any customer need.

“We’ve seen the document management industry completely transform over the last 30+ years. Thanks to Digitech Systems’ complete and feature-rich product suite, we can easily help our clients integrate emerging technologies into their business process in order to help them gain time, space and efficiency.”

– Mark Casey, Owner, ScannedDocs