What if you could leverage an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system to achieve prestigious certifications?

Important business goals always pertain to efficiency, cost, and control. What if you could meet these three goals AND become certifiably friendly for the environment? An effective Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system allows companies to meet their standard goals, while also advancing them towards other notable achievements that keep businesses competitive and credible. Amherst Label, an innovative and expert label manufacturing company, was able to increase efficiency throughout their office, save hundreds of thousands of dollars, improve the security of their critical business information, all while achieving Label Initiative for the Environment (L.I.F.E) certification.

This case study highlights Amherst Label’s positive experience and success by integrating ImageSilo® with their existing AP application, and leveraging PaperFlowTM to manage all scanning and data classification. This ECM solution allowed them to go completely paperless and securely track all order and customer documents, invoices, etc. Staff can now simply scan, index, and save information immediately to an accurate spot in ImageSilo, and retrieve information with ease.

Reading through this case study, you can find more specific benefits that Amherst Label recognizes from Digitech Systems’ ECM, such as:

  • Becoming 1 of 19 companies in North America to attain prestigious certification
  • Reducing months-worth of time finding information, saving tens of thousands of dollars
  • Implementing and training staff within just one business day
  • Seamless integration with current business applications

What unique business goals or certifications are you striving to attain? To learn more about Amherst Label’s story and the specific benefits that ECM brought to their company, download and check out their case study!

Download Case Study

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