Manual paper-based processes are slow, insecure, and incredibly costly to an organization. Yet, many Accounts Payable (AP) departments are still using manual steps when it comes to processing invoices. Manually hand keying data is a time-consuming and inefficient process.

Worldwide Integrated Supply Chain Solutions (Worldwide ISCS) is a logistics and transportation management company that has achieved success by streamlining shipping supply chains. However, what was not so smooth, was their AP department processes. For over a decade, their AP department manually processed invoices, leading to an overwhelming amount of physical records to manage and maintain. Locating even the simplest records would take staff up to an hour to locate. They needed a system that would allow them to manage thousands of payment records each week using just a handful of people

Worldwide ICIS staff found their solution through Digitech System reseller, Imagetek. Together they crafted a solution that included PaperFlow to scan all incoming documents, PaperVision® Enterprise WorkFlow to automatically route information and ImageSilo®, a cloud-based document management system, to securely manage and store their documents. The staff has been able to decrease document retrieval times, drastically improve productivity, and increase their revenue.

“ImageSilo and PaperVision Enterprise WorkFlow are two of the core technology systems that allow us to provide freight payment services. We’ve increased revenue because we are able to make payment processes quick and easy.”

- Ryan Bendickson, System Administrator, Worldwide ICIS