How Would a Records Retention Policy Benefit Your Organization?

Many organizations in the construction industry are still reliant on a paper-based system that is costing them thousands of dollars a year, especially those that are nationwide with multiple locations, the amount of paperwork and data produced monthly is overwhelming. They are looking for solutions that will reduce the costs of storing and managing information. Find out how Vulcan Materials Company streamlined their paper-based system and saw significant savings.

Vulcan Materials is one of the nation’s largest producers of construction aggregates founded in 1916. They have 317 active aggregates facilities in 21 states and Mexico. At the distribution headquarters, materials shipments generated more than 200,000 paper tickets each month. These tickets were shipped semi-weekly from 30 locations to headquarters to be sorted and filed by hand. The tickets were stored for seven months onsite, and then re-boxed and shipped to an offsite storage vendor. With a monthly shipment of about 15 boxes and a retention period of three years, their paper storage costs were averaging $21,600 per year.

Vulcan Materials worked with Datamation Imaging Services, a Digitech Systems reseller, to implement ImageSilo® to move all their critical records to the cloud. There is no capital expenditure and it allows them to minimize IT burden by outsourcing hardware, software, and maintenance costs. Vulcan has significantly improved their customer service and was able to save thousands of dollars a year.

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