The most recent Document Imaging Report is tackling the issue of hiring, and we’re thrilled to be asked to share our thoughts!

Has 2023 been a struggle when it comes to hiring the right technical personnel? During the last quarter of 2021 and most of 2022, an estimated 4 million Americans a month quit their jobs with no intention of returning to the workforce. This “Great Resignation” created an inverse balance between the number of available jobs and the number of individuals seeking work, leaving employers scrambling to fill openings.

This imbalance has corrected itself—and then some—with mass layoffs starting late last year and continuing to today. Businesses are trying to rebalance eager over-hiring from the last couple of years and level their internal costs, which is good news for companies seeking to hire IT talent. More candidates are available.

Here’s the critical question: did you know that your ability to hire actually has little to do with the number of available candidates and everything to do with your company culture?

The COVID 19 pandemic caused many to re-evaluate their lives, and a significant number of American workers simply won’t take jobs where they feel unappreciated, unrecognized, and unrewarded. Though it’s not a new idea, new emphasis on job satisfaction places corporate culture in the spotlight, and Digitech Systems has a unique perspective on the issue.

A thought from our own CEO, HK Bain: “If your company is experiencing a talent crunch, it is a smart time to reevaluate your culture and team support.” Is your company doing what it can to appropriately compensate current and potential talent? Are you exposing current employees to a workplace where they feel appreciated and valued? “Our "talent" and our "teams" are, first and foremost, people. We are human beings living complicated lives in a challenging world.”

Check out this article in the latest Document Imaging Report to find out how to leverage your outstanding culture when seeking new employees. You'll get better cantidates and recruit longer-term employees when you get it right!

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