Surgery Center Cedar Rapids LogoUsing manual processes to manage patient data can be incredibly costly and time-consuming for healthcare organizations, leading some medical departments to outsource records to be scanned. Loss of records, compromised patient data security, and long record retrieval times are just a few difficulties a department can face. Since data is rapidly becoming the currency of healthcare, organizations are recognizing the importance of investing in technology that allows them to manage data and records in-house.

For Surgery Center Cedar Rapids providing quality patient care at a lower cost is an important goal for the organization. In order to provide the lowest cost healthcare to patients, they must ensure that processes are operating as efficiently as possible, keeping operating costs low, enabling lower patient costs. For years, staff would send medical records to an outside source for scanning and storage. Outsourcing records were not only costly but also left patient information vulnerable to security threats or loss. Staff knew there had to be a more efficient and secure way to manage medical records.

The medical records department staff found their solution through Imagetek, Digitech Systems reseller.
They used PaperVision® Capture to scan their patient records and PaperVision® Enterprise, an on-premise document management system, to store and manage their documents. By automating how they manage their medical records they have reduced record retrieval times, ensured patient information is securely stored, and eliminated record outsourcing fees.


"Now that we have PaperVision Enterprise medical records are easier to find and everything is at our fingertips."

– Rachel Lucas, Collections Specialist/Medical Records, Surgery Center Cedar Rapids