What if You Could Convert All Your Paper Records to Electronic Files?

Greenwood Village, CO – August 20, 2013 – Digitech Systems announces a return to their roots with the launch of a brand new PaperFlow scanning application. Though the product and brand have been around for more than sixteen years, today’s PaperFlow includes the best of both traditional elements and the most cutting edge features to speed and simplify the process of converting paper records into electronic files. Trusted by professional scanning companies around the world who handle billions of pages of paper each week, PaperFlow brings commercial grade capture to businesses of any size.

Benefits of PaperFlow:

  • Work with virtually any scanner you have on hand to create crystal clear electronic images of all of your paper files and documents to clear out messy file rooms, to better protect information from disaster, and to save money on document management.
  • Get started converting paper files immediately, because the PaperFlow Job Setup Wizard uses only five screens, and the product works on a single workstation and doesn’t require a database.
  • Create index information, the terms that will be used to search for a document, without typing a single character using Quick Click – a unique feature that allows users to click on the term they need in the document image to populate the index field.
  • Traditional options such as the ability to read 1D and 2D barcodes and zonal OCR further simplify indexing. In fact, PaperFlow includes batch match and merge, which allows users to match an index value with a data source and merge it with existing data for a single document or across an entire batch.
  • Utilize full-text Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to identify the textual information contained in the document, enabling you to search for and find any information you might need within seconds.
  • PaperFlow is infinitely customizable, because users can create any process they need by writing custom code or by leveraging the dozens of included custom code samples.
  • Access the same speed, reliability and scanning power that professional scanning companies rely on to run their businesses.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of paper each year. When multiplied across every employee in an office, paper files quickly become overwhelming. PaperFlow enables businesses to eliminate paper files and replace them with better business efficiency, more information control, and money savings. After scanning the documents, PaperFlow empowers users to improve image clarity, to enter index information to identify documents, and to prepare the file for export to an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) application, like PaperVision® Enterprise, Microsoft SharePoint or the cloud ECM service, ImageSilo®.

PaperFlow is tailored to not only serve the complex and sophisticated needs of service bureaus, but also to help individual enterprises get control of their unruly paper-based filing systems.

“Scanning paper archives can be expensive and overwhelming for many businesses, yet they need secure access to the information contained in those files. PaperFlow is an intuitive, easy-to-use product that simplifies the process of scanning records and makes it point-and-click easy to organize them for retrieval.”

- Rebecca Wettemann, Vice President of Nucleus Research

HK Bain, CEO of Digitech Systems said, “Paper is a problem for most businesses because it is vulnerable to theft, disorder, and disaster. PaperFlow will simplify the process of managing information thereby bringing better efficiency, more control, and money savings to organizations. Now every business can tap into the reliability and consistent quality that professional scanning bureaus have made the backbone of their businesses for decades.”

PaperFlow is currently available from Digitech Systems’ worldwide network of Value-added Resellers (VARs). Visit www.digitechsystems.com/products/paperflow/ to learn more.

About Digitech Systems, LLC.

Digitech Systems, Inc. enables businesses of any size to more effectively and securely manage, retrieve and store corporate information of any kind using either PaperVision Enterprise content management (ECM) software or the world’s most trusted SaaS ECM service, ImageSilo. By significantly reducing the cost, Digitech Systems has moved ECM from a luxury convenience to an essential element for every well-managed business.

Digitech Systems continues to raise the standard of excellence in the ECM sector, as evidenced by the numerous awards they have received including the InfoWorld 100, CRN’s Emerging Tech Dynamos and multiple Nucleus Research ROI Awards. In addition, Buyer’s Lab recognized PaperVision® Capture as the Outstanding Enterprise Capture Product for 2012. To learn more about the company’s software and services that deliver any document, anywhere, anytime, visit www.digitechsystems.com.

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