Shoreline LogoA sales cycle is the process that organizations use when selling a product or service to a potential customer. A sales cycle begins as soon as a prospect is contacted and then continues until a purchasing decision is made. Long sales cycles can be frustrating to an organization because it delays potential revenue and provides more risk of the customer walking away. In the content management industry, it is typical for sales cycles to take anywhere from a few months up to even a few years. Shortening sales cycles allows organizations opportunities to make more money because they can meet with more prospects instead of waiting for purchasing decisions to be made. Not to mention, most prospects prefer a shorter sales cycle.

Tom Doyle, the owner of Shoreline Records Management, was becoming increasingly frustrated with how long his sales cycles were taking. His previous software partner kept getting sold and acquired, which created inconsistencies in their business relationship, making it difficult for Doyle to get the support he needed during the sales process, resulting in prolonged sales cycles. Doyle decided to seek out better reseller opportunities with the hopes of finding a partner that enabled faster turnaround time.

Doyle began researching reseller partnership opportunities and after seeing a demonstration of Digitech Systems’ product suite, he was immediately impressed with how easy-to-use and implement the technology was. He also liked that he could offer both on-premise storage with PaperVision® Enterprise or cloud storage with ImageSilo®. Offering multiple storage options to customers gave him the opportunity to gain more ongoing revenue. With a complete product suite of offerings and a partner that is committed to helping him grow his business, Doyle has reduced sales cycles from six months to just three and has even seen sales cycles as short as one day with ImageSilo.

"The Digitech Systems product suite is an integral part of our operations, and we don’t feel that way about any other products that we have worked with in the past. We chose Digitech Systems because they could help us provide superior, cost-competitive products and allow us to improve our profit margins."

-Tom Doyle, President, Shoreline Records Management