Wish you had an independent, third-party assessment to help you sort out best-of-breed technologies from all the rest?

You do! Buyers Lab, the product testing and review division of Keypoint Intelligence, looks at hundreds of products every year. They assess each product in several important areas, and give each one a rating that helps you tell them apart.

We handed them our advanced capture product, PaperVision Capture, that includes PaperVision Forms Magic, the artificial intelligence-driven classification and extraction engine, and waited to see what they had to say. We’re thrilled to report that according to the analysts at Buyers Lab, it’s the best product on the market! Here’s just a few of the things they had to say:

  • “addresses many of the problems companies face when trying to combine paper and electronic records”
  • “ground-breaking document classification engine driven by artificial intelligence”
  • “has the intelligence to automate a myriad of tasks”
  • “it’s as close to the lofty ideal of robotic process automation (RPA) as we’ve seen in the document capture space”
  • “despite its power and flexibility, PaperVision Capture is easy to use”

The analysts awarded PaperVision Capture a Platinum Rating—the highest possible score! Read this product review to find out more about how PaperVision Capture stands out from the rest.

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