Fort Docs LogoMany document management systems on the market today are proprietary, meaning that they are not able to import or export documents to different, industry-standard formats. Having a proprietary document management system can restrict growth for organizations because customers expect their systems to be able to communicate with their other systems, such as accounting, human resources, and other line-of-business (LOB) applications. Offering your customers a nonproprietary product suite will allow your organization the ability to target a larger market of potential customers, resulting in increased revenue and organizational growth.

John Becker purchased Fort Docs in June 2000. Mr. Becker was attracted to the company because of its diverse range of document management services including physical storage, electronic conversion services, shredding, and destruction. While there were many things to be excited about with his new company, Becker had one major concern. He was worried about the long-term stability of the current document management software because it was proprietary. John also found the system to be difficult to use and wanted a system that offered better value for his customers. Becker knew that in order to be successful and competitive in the future he needed a system that was nonproprietary so that he could meet evolving customer demands at a price they would find appealing.

After extensive research, Mr. Becker chose to partner with Digitech Systems in 2001. While he offers the complete Digitech Systems product suite his main revenue generators are PaperVision® Enterprise for on-premise document management and ImageSilo®, for cloud-based document management. In addition to the easy-to-use interface, he was attracted to the shorter implementation cycle and the exceptional sales and technical support Digitech Systems offered. The flexible and scalable capabilities of the products were important to Becker since a major part of his business model is fitting seamlessly into customer’s environments. Since partnering with Digitech Systems Fort Docs has improved sales, increased their recurring customer base, and has increased overall revenue by 5x.

"The combination of PaperVision Enterprise and ImageSilo allows us to flexibly respond to changing market demands, ensuring we are always able to meet the needs of our customers."

– John Becker, President, Fort Docs