In today's manufacturing industry, a major concern for business owners is ensuring their employees are operating as efficiently as possible. Productive employees are crucial to the success of their business. Managing physical documents is time-consuming and costly for manufacturers. Many organizations have a designated off-site document storage location that requires staff to visit in response to requests for information.

Federal White Cement, based in Woodstock, Ontario, is a major manufacturer of white portland and masonry cement in North America. Staff was quickly realizing that employees were spending a considerable amount of time traveling off-site to retrieve documents and, once finished with them, getting back in the car to re-file them, leading to hours of lost productivity a day. They knew it was time to find a better solution.

Staff worked with Digitech Systems reseller, Polar Imaging Inc., to build an electronic solution. They chose to implement a solution that included PaperFlow to automatically route scanned documents into PaperVision® Enterprise, an on-premise document management solution, to manage their records electronically in-house. They were able to get up and running in one day, have reduced document retrieval times and were able to eliminate their costly physical record storage.

"When we had to go offsite to retrieve and re-file documents, it took a couple of hours of someone’s time. Now it takes only seconds to retrieve a document, and there is no need to re-file it later."

– Vice President of Finance and Administration, Federal White Cement