Document Management Solutions LogoMany software vendors care solely about the bottom line of only their business and have no regard for the success of their reseller channel. In fact, it is common for vendors to cut partnerships with non-profitable resellers, especially if that organization is not providing revenue to the vendor. In order to be a successful document management company, you must have a software partner that not only offers a complete and flexible product suite but one that is also committed to helping you grow your business.

After visiting an imaging company, Lindsey Smith recognized a huge opportunity to get into the market for document management and decided to start his own business. In 1997, Smith created Document Management Solutions (DMS) and began selling imaging software, scanners, and scanning services out of his basement. Knowing that his homegrown business had huge potential, Smith felt he needed a software partner that offered a complete product suite and a business model that would jump-start sales and further his success. Smith knew if he was going to build a successful business, he needed a software partner committed to helping him.

In 1998, Smith signed on as a Digitech Systems partner, offering their full product suite to customers, and has not looked back since. Today, DMS is a multi-million dollar business with more than one-third of its revenue generated from Digitech Systems’ software sales. The most common product choice of customers is PaperFlow, which is used to convert paper documents into digital ones, then index the information into a document management platform either on-premise with, PaperVision® Enterprise, or in the cloud using ImageSilo®, for customers to securely access. The easy-to-use and implement software took sales cycles from months to weeks, while annual maintenance contracts help DMS to form continuing customer relationships and secure ongoing revenue.

"To this day, Digitech Systems’ business model and opportunity is very unique in the imaging world. It’s designed to make everyone successful—not just one side of the equation. It’s very rare and so refreshing!"

- Lindsey Smith, President, Document Management Solutions