Digiscribe Increases Recurring Revenue with ECMNOW!

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Wanted to expand into new markets



Recognized Benefit

Expanded into new markets and increased recurring revenue, allowing the business to grow

When Digiscribe opened its doors in 2001, CEO, Mitch Taube, was ready to do whatever it took to build a successful document management business from scratch. He had years of industry experience and was eager to develop profitable partnerships and strategies that would help companies adopt painless solutions for a paperless office. Working in an industry he already knew, Digiscribe’s business had a strong emphasis on litigation support services for leading law firms. But, Taube knew he needed a product suite that would enable him to expand the company’s service offerings beyond litigation support.

Since signing on as a Digitech Systems reseller, Digiscribe has expanded into new markets and increased recurring revenue. This has allowed them to grow and expand their business to two facilities in the New York and New England area.

  • Crossed into new markets and increased ongoing commercial business by 75%
  • Securely operate a SOC 2 Type 2 facility to meet customers data security needs
  • 20% compound annual growth rate (CAGR)
  • Leverage easy-to-use integration modules to meet customer needs quickly
The Business Goal

Today, Digiscribe is a leader in providing document management software and scanning services for companies of all sizes and all industries. They run two facilities and their SOC 2 Type 2 certified document scanning and processing facilities are designed for speed, efficiency, and security. Using a team of project managers and exacting quality control (QC) processes they stay focused on accuracy, timeliness, and customer satisfaction. “Our project managers are the key point of contact for all of our clients,” said Ellen Rothschild, Chief Marketing Officer. “We have many layers of QC and nothing gets delivered to the client without being approved by them first. We strive to make this process as painless as possible.”

When Taube started Digiscribe, he saw the cost of document management technology decreasing and recognized an open window of opportunity to sell ECM to any industry. He wanted to diversify the business, shift toward the commercial market and be able to automate standard business processes for any sized organization. Taube also made a strategic decision to lessen the company’s emphasis on litigation support services, as it was project based and becoming increasingly commoditized. The only challenge was he didn’t have a product suite that could support this business direction.

The Digitech Systems Solution

It didn’t take long for Taube to find the right technology. Many years prior, while working at a nationwide information management services company, Taube met Scott Matthews, the founder and CTO of Digitech Systems. Taube had the opportunity to work with the ECMNOW! product suite and knew they were great products. “I talked to other resellers and heard that Digitech Systems had a good reputation for creating successful technology and profitable opportunities with great margins,” said Taube.

After examining the ECMNOW! suite, Taube saw that it was created with unlimited scalability and completely customizable. So, not only would the solution be useful for his company’s own high-volume scanning services, it could also serve his customers’ needs. “We appreciate that the software is agnostic. It allows us to enter into any industry and to meet any customer’s specific needs, which has helped us to grow,” said Rothschild. “It can also be used in any organization, in any department. Many companies appreciate only having to have one system installed.”

“The best part about integration is that ECMNOW! makes it easy. Customers want seamless interoperability, and I don’t need unbelievably expensive resources to do it—our technical support team can integrate ImageSilo easily for our clients.”

– Mitch Taube, CEO, Digiscribe

Many products in the ECMNOW! suite, like ImageSilo® “virtually sells itself,” said Taube. The convenience of 24/7 information access via the internet is a big selling point, but it’s the message that no upfront capital commitment or IT services are required that really gets attention. “Before, IT departments could slow down the selling process,” Taube said. “When IT teams find out that they don’t have to support an additional application they’re encouraged, and they move decision makers toward the cloud model. They actually become a driver for the sale.”

Not only is ImageSilo convenient, but it is secure. It is a certified SOC 2 Type 2 cloud solution that is key to Digiscribe’s business strategy because of their scan bureau certification. They are now able to secure ongoing work in virtually any industry. “The certification we have plus the certification ImageSilo has is critical in helping us differentiate ourselves in the marketplace.
Being able to offer an end-to-end complete solution helps us win more deals,” said Rothschild. “In fact, being able to cross into new markets has increased our ongoing commercial business by 75%.”

Having an expanded customer base is helping Digiscribe build more recurring revenue. In fact, they have seen 20% revenue growth year-over-year according to Rothschild. “Our business has changed significantly because of the ECMNOW! suite. We now sell solutions that help our customers solve business challenges,” said Rothschild. “Paper isn’t going away. But the role it plays in business is changing. We used to digitize documents after they were processed. But now the real value is in receiving and scanning the documents at the beginning of our customers’ business process. Being able to automate manual tasks and expedite business processes is what adds the most value to our clients and it really helps us develop strong, lasting relationships with them.”

What really closes the deal, again and again, is that the ECMNOW! suite comes with easy to use point-and-click integrations that make it quick to securely integrate customer information with virtually any line-of-business application such as Microsoft® Office and Oracle’s PeopleSoft.

Digiscribe is building and maintaining a strong business reputation that is backed not only by their own technical support team but by Digitech Systems legendary technical support as well. “We work very closely with our customers to resolve issues right away,” said Rothschild. “Not only are we available when they call, we send them regular communications about maintenance issues or upgrades. We strive to make our customers feel like we are always there to support them, which is unique in the technical support world. If there is an issue we can’t handle we can rely on Digitech Systems to help us solve the problem.”


Stronger relationships are also a part of the reputation that has evolved since their Digitech Systems partnership. Rothschild said, “The ECMNOW! suite is helping us build long-lasting relationships with clients because it makes us an integral part of their business. It really increases customer loyalty. They can’t walk away, because they see the value-added. Customers consistently tell us, ‘Digiscribe is an integral part of our business process now.’”

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