How Can Automation Improve Your Scan Bureaus Accuracy?

DataXport LogoUsing manual data entry when processing customers’ documents increases the potential risk for error during processing for scan bureaus. Manual process steps are time-consuming, costly, and leave room for potential errors. Many scanning bureau owners are realizing that in order to continue to grow business and meet evolving customer needs, they must offer scanning capabilities that are able to accurately accommodate any customer need. Adding automation to your scanning bureau, you will eliminate errors caused by manual data entry, increase staff productivity and generate more revenue for your business.

DataXport provides cost-effective and quality business process outsourcing services to other organizations. They primarily work with a major rebate processing company, processing over 30 million mail-in rebates a year. Historically, DataXport had used manual steps when processing documents for customers. After scanning each document, indexing clerks would read the documents and manually enter index field values. This was slowing down productivity and left room for data entry errors.

After looking at multiple solutions, DataXports’ leadership team chose to partner with Digitech Systems to implement PaperVision® Capture. Staff was able to have the software installed in under an hour and training operators took just minutes. Today, they are scanning faster and more accurately than ever before. Staff estimates productivity has greatly increased resulting in hundreds of thousands of dollars of new revenue for the organization. Best of all, it has practically eliminated data entry errors from their processes.

"PaperVision Capture is enabling us to achieve that extra degree of perfection. We’ve seen a 10% improvement in our employee productivity, which will result in significant increases in DataXport’s profitability."

- Jorge Fernandez, Director of Operations, DataXport