DataBank LogoFor scan bureaus, operating multiple businesses across various locations means opportunities to bring in more customers and revenue for an organization. However, managing multiple locations can be a difficult task, especially if each location uses different business processes. Having varying business processes across multiple locations makes it difficult for leadership teams to manage, due to a lack of common process. Adding a common operating process across all your business locations can increase productivity and revenue for your organization.

In business since 1991, DataBank IMX is an imaging and document management services business with ten locations strategically located throughout the U.S. They deliver services, technologies, tools and methods to capture, manage, store, preserve and deliver end-to-end solutions for their clients. Before, each location used a different imaging system and processes to complete thousands of projects. With multiple systems being used, it was difficult to create and control any sort of common processes for each location to use. Leadership began looking for a reliable system that was flexible enough to handle the diverse needs of their clients and still provide the top quality their customers expect.

After researching many vendor options, DataBank’s leadership team decided to become a Digitech systems partner. They liked that the complete product suite was flexible enough to meet their customers’ needs, and was affordable compared to other options. Leadership decided to implement PaperFlow to scan and index customer documents directly into PaperVision® Enterprise, an on-premise document management solution, and ImageSilo® a cloud-based document management solution, to provide customers secure electronic access to their documents. By implementing their new scanning system in all 10 locations, DataBank has saved over $1 million in productivity, has secured millions of dollars in new business and is able to deliver on their 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

"Digitech Systems provides a significant increase in our revenue margins. We have gained at least $10 million worth of new business, because we have the capability to operate with quality and consistency. We are winning opportunities because of our relationship with Digitech Systems."

- Chuck Bauer, CEO, DataBank IMX