If your scanning bureau is still using manual data entry to process clients’ documents, you could be falling behind competitors and missing potential business. Manual processes are time-consuming, costly, and leave room for potential errors. Many scanning bureau owners are realizing that in order to continue to grow business and meet evolving customer needs, they must improve their scanning capabilities to accommodate growing customer expectations. Adding intelligent automation to your scanning bureau will eliminate manual steps, increase staff productivity, and revenue for your business.

Contego Information Management has been providing high-quality document management and scanning services to customers across the state of Texas. For years, Contego used manual steps when processing documents for their customers. Preparing boxes for scanning was a very laborious and time-consuming task. Scanning staff had to manually handle each box, type in missing information, and manually place document breaks. Documents were frequently lost and jobs ended up with missing information. Contego’s leadership team knew they would not be able to increase scanning volume and grow their business without a new solution so they went looking for a solution that would allow them to eliminate costly manual steps.

After looking at multiple solutions, Contegos’ leadership team chose to become a Digitech Systems reseller and implement PaperVision® Capture. Installation and training took less than a day, and they were up and running fast. Today, they are scanning faster than they ever have before. Staff estimates productivity has doubled, bringing in over half a million dollars of new revenue. PaperVision Capture's extensive capabilities allow them even greater flexibility to respond to customer needs. By eliminating manual process steps, Contego’s scanning staff can now focus on the quality of work, not the quantity, which the customers sincerely appreciate.

"PaperVision Capture's easy-to-use interface decreases the amount of time it takes to learn the whole process. After we finished the install, we were up and running in less than an hour."

– Chad Messer, VP of Operations, Contego Information Management