A primary goal for non-profit organizations should be to ensure the donations they receive are handled as effectively as possible. Today, many non-profit organizations are still accepting paper checks and are using paper processes to manage donations. The paper process makes it much more difficult and time-consuming for non-profits to start using the donation money they receive. With paper processes, it could take organizations hours, even days, to process donations.

The Massachusetts/New Hampshire Alzheimer’s Association receives millions of dollars in annual donations that they use to provide care and services to over 100,000 local individuals who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease. Chapter financial staff receive and process anywhere from 80-300 donation checks a day. With paper processes, it took staff hours each day to make copies of the donation checks, and then physically store the paper checks. Donation amounts were totaled by hand, leaving room for calculation errors, and anytime a request for information came in, it meant staff had to physically retrieve information from storage. They needed a solution that could easily automate these processes.

The Alzheimer’s Association was able to quickly and simply implement a solution with the help of Digitech Systems reseller, NECS. They decided to use ImageSilo®, a cloud-based Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system. Today, donation checks are scanned into ImageSilo as soon as they are received, allowing secure storage and retrieval of donation information. Managing donations electronically also allows staff to ensure donation amounts are properly calculated and funds are allocated to necessary resources quickly.

"ImageSilo has been a good change. Scanning donation checks saves a huge amount of paper and takes almost no time. Utilizing keyword searching, we are able to find financial information instantly!"

- Ryan Giannotta, Finance Clerk, Alzheimer’s Association of MA/NH.