What if You Could Build A Business With Only One Product Suite?

APYXX LogoIn order to meet evolving customer demands, organizations must offer flexible products that can solve any problem a customer may have, which often requires organizations to offer products from multiple vendors. Offering multiple product suites can negatively impact an organization's bottom line. Typically, when an organization decides to resell a product suite, software vendors require signing fees, upfront investments, and product training, all of which are costly. An organization must absorb these costs if they decide to sell a new or additional product suite, which increases operating costs. By offering a single, flexible, product suite, your organization can build a sustainable business, while avoiding the costs associated with selling additional product suites.

Stoney Ware started APYXX Technologies to help independent insurance companies manage and maintain access to thousands of policy and claim documents. Initially, he sold paper forms and filing solutions, but over the years, customers began to request electronic document management solutions, leading Ware to look into other products that enabled this ability for his customers. After researching many vendors, Ware understood the costs associated with partnering with a new software vendor and decided he wanted to offer one product suite, to avoid additional operating costs associated with offering multiple systems. He began looking for a software partner that offered a flexible and all-inclusive product suite, with a price point that would be appealing to his small/medium sized business market.

Ware found his flexible, affordable, all in one solution through Digitech Systems and became a partner in 1999. Thanks to the flexibility of the products and the strong reseller relationship, Ware has been able to create and sustain his business for over 20 years, selling only the Digitech Systems product suite. Today, APYXX’s business continues to thrive thanks to having a vendor partner dedicated to helping him succeed by offering a single product suite that is constantly evolving to keep up with changing customer demands.

"We’ve never needed to sell anything else. We increased our customer base 97% and built a profitable business solely on the Digitech Systems product suite."

- Stoney Ware, CEO and President, APYXX