Are you spending time looking for files rather than running your business?

Free yourself with ECMNOW! Our products give you the flexibility you need to solve virtually any information management challenge.


“While our EMR vendor provided us with the technology to begin implementing a paper-free office, PaperVision® Enterprise was the crucial solution for managing the thousands of existing patient records that needed to be swiftly, efficiently and reliably scanned into a format that could then be linked via interface to our EMR.”

- Michaela Faella, Practice Administrator, AIG

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Healthcare companies must manage thousands of medical and billing records. They use Digitech Systems’ technology to track and manage medical documents, protect patient privacy and boost productivity.


How Does Your Practice Manage Data?

Are manual tasks affecting the efficiency of your healthcare organization?
Take a look at this infographic to see the latest stats on the healthcare industry and see for yourself how ECMNOW! can improve efficiency, increase control, and save money for your organization!

Compliance and Industry Briefs

Is Your Healthcare Organization Still Reliant on Manual Processes?

What if you could reduce the amount of time your medical staff wastes manually managing patient files?
With ECMNOW! you can streamline document management processes, decrease wasted time, and improve the productivity of the entire organization.

Are Your Medical and Patient Records Protected in Compliance with HIPAA?

What if you could ensure your organizations’ medical records are in compliance with HIPAA?
With ECMNOW! you can ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of all your data in one easy-to-use electronic system, making HIPAA compliance a breeze!

Case Studies

Besides money, what else can Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions help you save?

Is sorting through paper documents delaying access to your patient’s critical information?

See how this Canadian Hospital converted their records to digital, improving patient care and saving them over $269,000 in operating costs!

What if Your Organization Could Reduce Invoice Processing Times by 57%?

How will automating your AP processes help your organization?
See how Prestige Care centralized AP processes to increase efficiency and save over $88,000 a year with ECMNOW!

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Pediatric Safety Still Threatened by EHRs

As healthcare providers struggle to adapt Electronic Health Records (EHR) to accommodate the needs of younger patients, ECM systems can help. Check out this article that appeared in Healthcare Risk Management to learn more.

Real Customers and Real Results of Automating Healthcare Processes

Is your healthcare organization looking to lower costs?
Thanks to Enterprise Content Management software, you can combine cloud storage options with automation software to automate processes, securely protect patient data, and save money!