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Financial Services

“ImageSilo® has made a phenomenal difference in our compliance. We decreased audit preparation time by 88%, which has made compliance a breeze. Preparing for audit checks take a few hours instead of three days.”

Fran Eppy, Director of Operations, Eppy Financial Group

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APSC_LogoFinancial services companies are dependent upon reducing information security risks and complying with regulations. They use Digitech Systems’ technology to enhance customer privacy and confidentiality, address compliance requirements and ensure system accuracy and accountability.

Compliance and Industry Briefs

Is Your Financial Services Organization Compliant with the GLBA?

What if you could ensure all your organization’s data was secure and in compliance with GLBA?
ECMNOW! provides companies with controls and system security that enables compliance, ensuring all important documents are safe, secure, and compliant with current GLBA regulations. Read the brief to learn more!

Not Sure if You’re Compliant with Sarbanes-Oxley Regulations?

Are you a publically traded company? Are you sure you’re compliant with SOX regulations?
With ECMNOW! you can reduce compliance costs while enabling operational efficiency.

Case Studies

Community Business Lenders Creates Business with ImageSilo®

How Would Processing Information Within 24 Hours Help your Organization?
See how Community Business Lenders (CBLSC) was able to create a business that would have almost been impossible on paper.

How Might Intelligently Automating Manual Processes Help Your Organization?

How might intelligently automating manual processes help your organization?
Learn how Western Guaranty Fund Services saves $64,000 a year with Robotic Process Automation.

Additional Resources

How Can Intelligent Automation Help You Achieve Your Financial Goals?

What if you could instantly locate customer claim data while staying in compliance with security regulations and saving money?
ECMNOW! utilizes the latest technologies in order to digitize, manage, store, and route your customers’ data while maintaining compliance, increasing security, and saving money. Read this industry brief to learn more!

Digitech Systems Hosts Learning Lab at the North American Global Process Owner Summit

Digitech Systems is hosting a learning lab at the North American Global Process Owner Summit May 22-24, 2018. Attendees will learn how AI can improve productivity, enhance internal security, and save money