Are you spending time looking for files rather than running your business?

Free yourself with ECMNOW! Our products give you the flexibility you need to solve virtually any information management challenge.

All Industries

ECM helps you become more efficient by securely managing company information.  Our highly customizable system seamlessly supports your existing processes and procedures saving you money.



Healthcare companies must manage thousands of medical and billing records. They use Digitech Systems’ technology to track and manage medical documents, protect patient privacy and boost productivity.  Learn More…


Educational institutions maintain numerous records systems and need affordable ECM that increases accessibility while protecting student information. Schools and universities use Digitech Systems’ technology to reduce document management costs, improve information accessibility and secure student records.  Learn More…

Financial Services

Financial services companies are dependent upon reducing information security risks and complying with regulations. They use Digitech Systems’ technology to enhance customer privacy and confidentiality, address compliance requirements and ensure system accuracy and accountability.  Learn More…

Accounts Payable

All businesses have to pay invoices, and more than 80% are trying to streamline Accounts Payable (AP) processes and reduce costs. Companies use ECMNOW! to shorten time to payment, improve control of sensitive financial records, and to save money by reducing the cost to process every invoice.  Learn More…


Manufacturers must improve quality, reduce waste, enforce standards, comply with regulations and minimize costs to succeed. Learn more about how to create process efficiency for your manufacturing business while simultaneously reducing records management costs and improving your customer service.  Learn More…


Insurance providers must manage various paper-based procedures and sometimes handle thousands of claims in a single day. They leverage Digitech Systems’ technology to create direct links to information databases for instant access to policies and improved customer service.   Learn More…

Public Utilities

The energy and utilities industry delivers public services such as water, electricity and/or gas. Whether they are publicly or privately owned, today’s utilities must establish a document storage and management system for high volume record keeping, compliance and disaster recovery requirements.  Learn More…


Government agencies must manage multiple public records and information systems, while maintaining security, operational efficiency and timely civic services. Federal, state and local governments use Digitech Systems to facilitate productivity, open access to public records and secure sensitive information.   Learn More…


Retail companies must continually reduce costs and improve efficiency to stay competitive. Retailers use Digitech Systems’ technology to create cost-effective document management, protect customer information and improve customer service.  Learn More…


In the legal services industry, profitability can depend upon effective information management. Law firms and corporate counsel spend the majority of their time researching records, preparing court documents, managing case information and ensuring regulatory compliance.   Learn More…

No matter your industry, Digitech Systems can help!

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Why is Artificial Intelligence the Next Breakthrough?

Why is artificial intelligence the next breakthrough?
The AI market will grow from $202 million to more than $11 billion by 2024!

Are you doing business at the speed of paper?

Are You Doing Business at the Speed of Paper?
Process inefficiencies can cost your company 30% of its revenue each year!

Compliance and Industry Briefs

Does Your Organization Have a Records Retention Policy in Place?

Are your records management processes in compliance with state and federal regulations?
ECMNOW! makes it easy to get control of records and to execute retention and destruction policies efficiently.

How Can Intelligent Automation Help Streamline your Accounts Payable Processes?

What if you could reduce the amount of time and money your organization spends on manual accounts payable (AP) processes?
Get started with ECMNOW! today to digitize, manage, store, and route all your financial records to improve productivity and save money.

Case Studies

What if Your Hotel Could Improve Daily Reporting by Automating Processes?

Are your audits still being run manually and taking up too much time?
See how Commonwealth Hotels, LLC was able to reduce manual processes, eliminate human error and save money with ImageSilo®.

My Digital Office Gets Sustainable with ECMNOW!

Do you want to be more sustainable?
My Digital Office uses ECMNOW! to help businesses participate in today’s “paperless push.”

Additional Resources

Understanding Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Are you struggling to understand RPA and how it plays into Business Process Automation (BPA)?
Watch this recorded presentation to understand more about RPA and the automation life-cycle.

Robotic Process Automation Made Simple eBook

How might robotics help transform your business processes?
It’s easier than you think! Learn more in this eBook about RPA, IA, and BPA.