Businesses have always relied on paper forms to collect information from customers and business partners. Did you know according to Gartner a single paper form can cost you $165? Add the expense of each human who needs to physically touch the document and potential errors, and the cost goes up.​ ​In the age of telework, manual processes and paper-based documents simply do not support the needs of a remote workforce.​

What is an E-Form? Easy! It’s an electronic version of a regular form. PaperVision​®​ E-Forms can be used on desktop, web, or mobile devices to collect information online, allowing people to complete the form at home, in your offices, or while they’re on-the-go. You can obtain information for Any Document, collect data Anywhere there’s an internet connection, and put E-Forms to work for your business Anytime!

Since you’re collecting the information electronically, it’s easy to send it to virtually any line-of-business application and to automatically route the resulting document to anyone who needs to see or approve it. In fact, you can even require e-signatures along the way! By leveraging these e-forms with process automation, you can dramatically ​boost the productivity of your employees, no matter where they are working.

Stop throwing away money on paper forms. Start collecting and routing your information electronically to enable complete digital transformation for your business.

Download the PaperVision​® E-Forms infographic and learn how you can cut paper out of your office!


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