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Get the Data You Need from Your Documents

What if you could identify and classify every form or document and extract all the data you need? The Forms Magic technology (FM technology) automatically classifies documents into types and extracts critical data to speed business processes and help you make better decisions.

How Might PaperVision Forms Magic Technology help you?

Integrate forms fully into your business processes by recognizing and classifying them automatically and extracting critical business data on the fly with Forms Magic! Watch this short animation to find out how you can utilize Forms Magic technology to get more EfficiencyNOW!, ControlNOW! and MoneyNOW!

“PaperVision Forms Magic has streamlined our client’s information management services. Sorting through documents prior to scanning is no longer required, and the system automatically extracts all the data needed. As a result, business moves faster and more effectively. The system is great!”

- Bruce Rector

President, MuniMetrix Corp.

“In my 25 years of document management experience, PaperVision Forms Magic brings something that no other forms processing technology can mimic. It offers faster implementation and more accurate classification results than anything I’ve worked with. I believe it will revolutionize the industry.”

- Dave Clark

Director of Professional Services, Digitech Systems Professional Services

“PaperVision® Forms Magic technology has revolutionized our AP processes! We’ve been able to cut our invoice processing time by over 75%. We’re saving the organization money and improving relationships with our business partners. We love Forms Magic!”

- Jason Sojka

Network and Computer Systems Manager, MSI Mold Builders

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Complete Product Sheet

What if you could automatically classify every document and extract the data you need?

Using PaperVision Forms Magic, you can streamline document-centric processes across your organization.

PaperVision Forms Magic Infographic

What if you could extract everything?

Download this printable infographic for PaperVision Forms Magic.

PaperVision Forms Magic Recorded Slides

What if you Could Eliminate Manual Data Entry?
The PaperVision Forms Magic technology is now available as a component of PaperVision Capture, bringing accurate document recognition and classification along with data extraction to customers.

Buyer's Lab Honors PaperVision Capture with a Platinum Tested Solution Award

What could you do with the Platinum Tested PaperVision Capture?

Read Buyer’s Lab Solutions Report on PaperVision Capture.

PaperVision Forms Magic Has Won an Outstanding Achievement Award!

What could you achieve with this Outstanding software?
PaperVision Forms Magic Technology won an Outstanding Achievement Award from the analysts at Buyer’s Lab (BLI).

MSI Mold Builders Case Study

What if you could digitize your AP processes?

MSI Mold Builders digitized their AP processes and cut down on processing time for over 1,200 invoices received monthly.

Artificial Intelligence Infographic

Why is artificial intelligence the next breakthrough?

The AI market will grow from $202 million to more than $11 billion by 2024!

Artificial Intelligence Video

How Can Artificial Intelligence Help Your Business?

Learn why now the right time for Artificial Intelligence to breakthrough!

Artificial Intelligence Brief

Is your current information management application capable of keeping up with your organization’s growing data?
Research and Markets estimates that the market for AI business applications is expected to grow in size from $202 million to more than $11 billion over the next decade. Combine this with Enterprise Content Management (ECM), AI offers attractive benefits for organizations struggling with data-centric challenges.

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