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Need a more efficient way to locate your important information? Move into the cloud with ImageSilo, the world’s most-trusted cloud ECM!

How Might ImageSilo Help you?

If your documents take too long to find and are sometimes at risk of being lost or damaged, watch this animation to learn how you can utilize ImageSilo to get EfficiencyNOW!, ControlNOW! and MoneyNOW!

“The price point was very attractive, especially for a non-profit organization. There were also no hardware acquisition costs. But the largest savings come in the efficiencies we've gained. With ImageSilo, we don’t have to request charts or read them on paper anymore. My staff just types in a client name & it’s instantly right in front of them!”

- Mike Kongsjord

Director of Information Security & Technology, HDC

“Now that we have ImageSilo, we log in and it’s just simple. We don’t spend any time in the file room anymore. Using ImageSilo definitely equates to more productivity for our employees.”

- Aaron Baltisberger

VP of Commercial Lending, Two Rivers Financial Group, Inc.

"Before ImageSilo, there wasn’t really a great security measure for people that weren’t authorized to get into those files. They could get in if they wanted to. Our examiners didn’t like when people had access to files that they shouldn’t have access to. For example, a teller shouldn’t be looking at a loan file. Today, that doesn’t happen."

- Gary Brown

Community Choice Credit Union

"Since implementation, our accounts payable employees have experienced a 30% productivity gain by adding more leases without hiring additional staff, saving us $75,000 each year."

- Phil Akason

Terrus Real Estate

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What if you could securely access all of your documents from anywhere, anytime?

ImageSilo® gives you the freedom of 24/7 access, without additional investment in hardware, software, or IT personnel.


Are You in the Cloud?

Are you in the cloud?

The cloud provides a simple way for companies to run their business. Instead of developing, maintaining and running content management applications themselves, they access everything through the internet.

What if you Could Securely Access your Data From Anywhere?

What if you Could Securely Access your Data From Anywhere?
Get your head in the could with ImageSilo®!

Case Studies

Illinois School District Moves Records to the Cloud with ImageSilo®

Are paper records taking over your available work space?

After implementing ImageSilo, a cloud-based electronic content management service, the District has improved employee efficiency, boosted control of sensitive information, and saved money on operational costs.

Community Business Lenders Creates Business with ImageSilo®

Are paper documents slowing communications in your business?
See how Community Business Lenders streamlined information management and sharing while saving over $64,000 in printing costs with PaperVision® Capture and ImageSilo.

Additional Resources

Cloud Services

Are you operating your business in the cloud?

Gartner is reporting that cloud services are the biggest disruption in the tech market in the past 15 years and adoption is only accelerating. Integrating a cloud-based Enterprise Content Management (ECM) service, like ImageSilo®, can help you move to the cloud and stay competitive.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Are you in compliance with General Data Protection Regulation?
Organizations that don’t take steps to protect customer data face fines up to $25 million or 4% of their annual revenue, whichever is larger. ECMNOW! provides extensive security features, reducing time, energy and money spent trying to maintain compliance.


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