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Are you struggling to grow your business? Tired of watching your revenues cycle up and down with the overall economy? What if you could increase sales, stabilize your business, and boost profits? Join the ECMNOW! explosion by becoming a Digitech Systems reseller.

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  • Increase sales in any economy
  • Enhance your stability with recurring revenue
  • Boost profit margins with easy-to-sell products
Digitech Systems enables businesses to have very attractive profit margins. Plus, they have a strong channel focus and a very supportive reseller community with extraordinary technical support.

– Randall Smith, Vice President of Technology

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Fireproof Records Center

What if you could double your customer base and expand market reach?
With ImageSilo®, Fireproof Records Center is able to offer their customers a more flexible technology and the benefit of online access. Since 2005, their ImageSilo clients have doubled.

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Records Consultants, Inc.

What if you could increase productivity and revenue at the same time?
RCI saw a 75% productivity increase in their scanning bureau and made $200,000 in revenue in just the first six months of offering Digitech Systems products.

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What if one suite of products could fit any customer need?
APYXX offers only Digitech Systems products, avoiding sign-on fees, upfront investments and training costs associated with selling additional products. The ECM technology includes several choices that create a customizable solution for their customers.

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DataBank IMX

What if you could gain $10 million worth of new business?
Just 18 months after partnering with Digitech Systems, DataBank IMX had become one of the top resellers in the country.

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How could you expand your business into additional markets?
Because they can offer either a departmental installation or an enterprise-wide system to their customers, Digiscribe is able to sell to industries they were previously unable to.

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Document Management Solutions

Want to achieve 85% repeat business?
Because Digitech Systems software is easy to install and training takes minutes, DMS has more time to spend working with their customers.

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Fort Docs

How could recurring revenue help you grow your business?
Since partnering with Digitech Systems, Fort Docs has grown revenues more than five-fold, and has never lost an ImageSilo® client.

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GRACE Records Management

What if you could shorten implementation times from days to seconds?
Because implementation of Digitech Systems’ products is fast and simple, productivity at GRACE has greatly improved. What used to take days now takes seconds!

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What if you could offer your customers a choice?
Imagetek offers customers the choice of managing their documents either on-premise with PaperVision® Enterprise, or in the cloud with ImageSilo®.

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How could your business operate more efficiently?
ImageSilo® requires virtually no installation, so MuniMetriX spends less time installing software and more time seeking out new customers.

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Polar Imaging, Inc.

What if your company continued to grow, even during an economic downturn?
Even during the 2009 economic downturn, Polar Imaging’s revenue grew 48%. Half of that growth came from PaperVision® Enterprise and ImageSilo®.

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Rocky Mountain Microfilm and Imaging

Want to increase your business stability with recurring revenue?
RMMI’s recurring revenue stream has tripled thanks to ImageSilo®, and they expect ImageSilo revenue to increase more than seven fold.

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Shoreline Records Management

Would your team benefit from a 50% shorter sales cycle?
With simple yet sophisticated products at affordable prices, Shoreline has gained a competitive edge in sales. PaperVision® Enterprise has reduced sales cycles from six months to just 3.

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What if you could increase profits by 600%?
Since SOURCECORP began selling Digitech Systems products, their sales have increased 250% and profits have skyrocketed 600%!

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Ultimate One DMS, Inc.

What if you could establish profitability in just 90 days?
Using Digitech Systems’ marketing tools for resellers, Ultimate One DMS was able to market themselves quickly, using brochures and web-ready content.

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