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Digitech Systems enables businesses to have very attractive profit margins. Plus, they have a strong channel focus and a very supportive reseller community with extraordinary technical support.

– Randall Smith, Vice President of Technology

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Fireproof Records Center

What if you could double your customer base and expand market reach?
With ImageSilo®, Fireproof Records Center is able to offer their customers a more flexible technology and the benefit of online access. Since 2005, their ImageSilo clients have doubled.

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Records Consultants, Inc.

In order to better serve its customers, RCI decided to change things up and add imaging to the mix. Before becoming a Digitech Systems reseller, RCI merely dipped its toe into this part of the business, on the front end of things. RCI would scan customers’ documents to and then relied on its resellers to its reseller to index the documents, perform various levels of quality control and package the data before finally delivering the final output to a client. Eventually, RCI decided to become fully vested in this technology. Gibbens decided that RCI had to control the entire process from the intital scanning of the paper to the delivery of the image to the client.

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Since 1999 APYXX Technologies has maintained a profitable business selling only Digitech Systems offerings. They increased their customer base by 97% with a flexible product suite. After Hurricane Katrina devastated their business, APYXX was able to depend on Digitech Systems for extraordinary support.

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CASO, Document Management Inc.

CASO Document Management partnered with Digitech Systems and expanded their offerings with a price competitive product suite. By switching from their own hosted ECM system to ImageSilo, CASO saved $15,000 each month in management costs.

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DataBank IMX

By standardizing their operations with Digitech Systems’ ECM technology and by expanding their portfolio of offerings with PaperVision® Enterprise and ImageSilo®, DataBank IMX has earned $10,000,000 in new business and has delivered on their 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

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Datamation Imaging Services Corp.

With more than 1.3TB of data being managed on ImageSilo®, Datamation Imaging Services Corp. has grown their revenue 20% on average each year since 2000 when they became a Digitech Systems Reseller. “It’s worked out great,” says Jim Collins, President.

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Digiscribe became a Digitech Systems reseller to help them expand service offerings. By selling PaperVision Enterprise and ImageSilo, they crossed into new markets, built recurring revenue and became an integral part of each customer’s business.

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Document Management Solutions

Document Management Solutions (DMS) partnered with Digitech Systems and turned a home-based imaging business into a multi-million dollar company with over one-third of its revenue generated from ECM software and services. Since becoming a reseller 10 years ago, DMS has shortened sales cycles and achieved 85% repeat business.

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Fort Docs

Fort Docs needed to find a non-proprietary ECM system that offered their customers more flexible document management options while growing their business. With Digitech Systems, they found a simple yet sophisticated ECM technology that improved sales, created recurring revenue and contributed to a 500% revenue increase!

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By investing in their Digitech Systems partnership and building their own web-based data storage solution, GRACE answers more of their customer demands. Since releasing GRACE OnDemand, they have increased revenue 40%, shortened implementation times from days to seconds and expanded into new markets.

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To keep their business moving toward the future of document management and attract more business, Imagetek became a Digitech Systems reseller. As a result, they have expanded into new markets, cut sales cycles in half and seen their customer base increase by 300%.

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As a Digitech Systems Value-added Reseller, MuniMetrix has tapped into new markets, secured ongoing revenue and stabilized business for greater resilience and superior longevity. MuniMetriX attributes 100% of their sales revenue growth to their Digitech Systems offerings and calls ImageSilo® the keystone of their cash flow.

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Polar Imaging, Inc.

Since becoming a Digitech Systems reseller, Polar Imaging has expanded its offerings with Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and experienced consistent growth even in a declining economy. Plus, it has leveraged Digitech Systems information capture technology to increase the efficiency of document scanning services.

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Rocky Mountain Microfilm and Imaging

RMMI needed a document management partner that would help them establish a solid business model and achieve success for years to come. Through selling the complete Digitech Systems ECM product suite, RMMI developed a strong company that meets diverse business needs while generating recurring revenue streams.

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Shoreline Records Management

By selling the Digitech Systems suite of ECM products, ShorelineRecords Management has been able to diversify revenue streams, increase profit margins, enhance ongoing revenue and change the way money flows into their business.

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In a 12-month-long search for the ultimate Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution, SOURCECORP Boston found the superior software they were looking for and became one of the first Digitech Systems resellers in 1998. Since then, they have boosted sales by 250% and increased profits by 600%, while at the same time shortening sales cycles!

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Ultimate One DMS, Inc.

Ultimate One needed a flexible product offering that would jump-start sales for a new company and support a customer-focused business philosophy. They built a customer-focused business almost entirely on Digitech Systems’ scalable ECM products and attained profitability in just a matter of months.

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