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What if you could capture everything, speed up processes and reduce over all costs? Capture, integrate, and distribute documents AND data quickly and efficiently with PaperVision Capture!

How Might PaperVision Capture help you?

If your information is scattered in multiple systems and formats, watch this quick video to see how PaperVision Capture will bring you EfficiencyNOW! ControlNOW! and MoneyNOW! 

"Imagetek uses PaperVision Capture in our service bureau to take advantage of the distributed capture and automated processing capability. Having the ability to scan and index on any workstation improves flexibility and boosts efficiency. Overall, we estimate we’ve improved our efficiency by 40% while reducing processing times for the average scanning job by 2 hours."

- Kyle Foster

Manager of Infrastructure and Technology, Imagetek

"Our customers see an immediate improvement in control with PaperVision Capture. If they were using paper files, they really didn’t know who had access to the locations the files were stored—even a janitor might be able to get into them. Once we take their records digital, they have full control. They even have an audit trail of who touched what and when, where, and why."

- Michael Gudenkauf

President, RMMI

"Using PaperVision Capture, we get our mail into the system quickly and efficiently. We don’t have to store it at offsite locations or find a place to put that paper when it’s done being used. Overall, we’ve reduced file storage costs by 70%!"

- Chad Anderson

Manager of IT and Administration, Western Guaranty Fund Services

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Feeling buried by paperwork?

Using PaperVision Capture, convert all your important files from paper stacks to electronic archives, for fast, efficient access.

PaperVision Capture Infographic

What if you could capture everything?

Download this printable infographic for PaperVision Capture.

PaperVision Capture Buyer’s Lab Product Review

What could you do with the number one Enterprise Capture Solution of 2015?

Buyer’s Lab says PaperVision Capture is the best.

Expand Your Sales Opportunities with PaperVision Capture

Researchers report 86% of business information is still on paper.

Want to get your paper documents into your SharePoint implementation? Digitech Systems PaperVision Capture makes scanning for SharePoint a breeze.

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