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Public Utilities

“We immediately recognized the value of PaperVision® Enterprise. We quickly implemented it for the accounts receivable and HR departments, and we will keep going until we get every department on board. When vendors ask questions, we have quick, accurate information to answer them on the spot. This makes our business run more smoothly, and that is visible to the client. PaperVision Enterprise makes our company look good.”

Fern Evans, Accounting Supervisor, White Electrical

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The energy and utilities industry delivers public services such as water, electricity and/or gas. Whether they are publicly or privately owned, today’s utilities must establish a document storage and management system for high volume record keeping, compliance and disaster recovery requirements.

Compliance and Industry Briefs

Public Utilities

You protect your utilities infrastructure from disaster, but what about your records?
ECMNOW! increases operational efficiency, while enhancing the integrity of information. You’ll save money and improve customer service while better protecting your records.

Case Studies

White Electrical Saves $80,000 in Paper Handling Costs Each Year with PaperVision® Enterprise

How much money are you wasting on paper?
White Electrical Construction Company saves $80,000 each year on shipping and paper handling costs with PaperVision® Enterprise!

United Illuminating Sees ROI in Less than One Year with ImageSilo®

How would you like to see ROI in less than one year?
ECMNOW! helped United Illuminating get immediate access to records, save hundreds of work hours annually, enhance customer service and help the company avert legal action that could have cost millions.

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Public Utilities ECM

You protect your utilities infrastructure from disaster, but what about your records?
ECM can help streamline processes, improve availability, and save money for public utilities companies.