What if you could increase revenue by streamlining Accounts Payable processes?

When paper piles up in an Accounts Payable (AP) department, it’s practically impossible to streamline purchase order processing, and paper invoices are twice as costly to process compared to automated invoices. In order to drive down operating costs, AP department managers are implementing automation solutions that can efficiently store and retrieve invoices, which paper-based AP processes lack. WorldWide Logistics, an established logistics and transportation management company realized automating their AP processes was the only way to speed up invoice processing, and this decision allowed them to regain hundreds of productive hours, streamline proceses, and increase their revenue by 30%!

The Executive AP of Technology at WorldWide Logistics worked with Digitech Systems reseller, Imagetek, to implement ImageSilo® because it offered the robust imaging, secure storage and file retrieval capabilities, and workflow tools they needed to automate AP and HR processes without the need for IT resources! This case study shows how easily WorldWide Logistics staff were able to streamline invoice processing with PaperVision® Enterprise WorkFlow by electronically routing invoices through their standard approval process. This story also highlights how implementing an automation solution allowed WorldWide Logistics to accomplish business goals and save money while speeding up business processes—Read their case study to learn more about their automation benefits, such as:

  • Allowed the company to offer freight payment services and increased revenue by 30%
  • Enabled a handful of people to effectively process thousands of invoices each week
  • Saved hundreds of hours of file search time each year for employees in the carrier management department
  • Reduced disaster recovery response time from 2-3months to minutes

Are you ready to go paperless and reap the benefits like Worldwide Logistics? Learn more about their automation implementation in this case study to see how you could become the next AP success story!

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