White Electrical Saves $80,000 in Paper Handling Costs Each Year with PaperVision® Enterprise


White Electrical Construction Company

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Paper-based accounting processes inhibited the company from delivering responsive and reliable services


PaperVision® Enterprise

Recognized Benefit

Vastly improved the speed and manageability of documents across three departments and enabled a proven disaster recovery strategy

With a history dating back to 1910, White Electrical has always upheld its commitment to providing quality services, being on time and maintaining a safe workplace. Over the years, Marshall Combs, CFO, recognized that it was time to update their paper processes in order to continue to deliver on these promises, which resulted in nearly 100 years of financial success. They needed to adopt new technologies that would help the accounting department and others maintain responsive and reliable services.

Key Benefits

  • Decreased printing , shipping and paper handling costs by $80,000 each year
  • Regained 1,600 hours of productivity each year, saving at least $25,000
  • Reduced paper storage space from 6,000 to 2,500 square feet and will eventually eliminate all paper archives
  • Enabled remote information access for branch locations
  • Provided proven disaster recovery protection

After implementing Digitech Systems’ Enterprise Content Management (ECM) technology, White Electrical streamlined document management for the accounting department and revolutionized information access across the entire company.

The Situation

White Electrical Construction Company (www.white-electrical.com) is the premier source for electrical contracting in the Southeast United States. With 500 employees and $65 million in annual revenue, it specializes in electrical construction and renovation of industrial and manufacturing plants, equipment installation, and voice-data-video design and installation.

“Storage was not a pretty place. Boxes were labeled, but they were stacked to the ceiling. With no light and sweltering heat, digging through miles of paperwork was the dreaded task in the office. Retrieving files became the office punishment.”

-Fern Evans, Accounting Supervisor

For decades, the company had managed accounting documents and other important information on paper. Even as the company grew to eight branches scattered across the Southeast, invoices, purchase orders, expense reports and bank statements were faxed or shipped to the corporate office in Atlanta. At the headquarters, records were stored in one of four storage locations, including the attic and large shipping containers.

Document retrieval slowed processes for many departments and affected office managers and executives, who frequently needed access to paper files. As a result, a potential of eight branches lost a total of 32 hours in productivity each week. “The amount of archived paperwork was phenomenal,” said Brien Abbott, IT Director. “And, the amount of labor needed to go through it was incredible.”

In 2005, a branch office flooded. Water rose six-feet high, and there was no disaster recovery system in place for hard copies. White Electrical lost nearly every paper record stored at that location. With concern for losing paper records at other locations, Mr. Combs decided to investigate ECM systems that would empower his team with simple information access, faster document retrieval and reliable data redundancy.

The Solution

As White Electrical narrowed their vendor list, they kept going back to PaperVision® Enterprise. It offered ease-of-implementation, scalability and integration as well as both desktop and web-based application options. The web-based application (or thin client) was attractive, because the network server does most of the work. Plus, it allows simple installation and ease of maintenance. With unlimited scalability, PaperVision Enterprise would also allow them to first implement ECM in the accounts payable department, and then easily roll it out to other departments as needed. Best of all, integration would provide access to the ECM system from their accounting software, Microsoft Business Solutions Dynamics SL 6.5 (formerly Microsoft Great Plains).

In 2007, Ultimate One DMS, a Digitech Systems reseller, installed PaperVision Enterprise. “The implementation was fast and created very little interruption to our regular work schedule. The integration was smooth and didn’t take long at all,” said Brien Abbott, IT Director. “Even the training was simple, because the software is so intuitive. Within minutes everyone could use it.”

Recognized Benefits

Today, employees at the headquarters and at each branch location are using PaperVision Enterprise to instantly upload and retrieve electronic documents to and from the ECM system. As a result, the company saves 1,600 hours of productivity each year, which adds up to an annual savings of $25,000. Plus, paper handling costs, including printing, filing and shipping have decreased by $10,000 per branch per year—a total savings of $80,000. “We immediately recognized the value of PaperVision Enterprise,” said Fern Evans, Accounting Supervisor. “We quickly implemented it for the accounts receivable and HR departments, and we will keep going until we get every department on board.”

For the accounting department, the biggest benefits are instant document retrieval and collaboration with branch offices and project managers in the field. Integration with Microsoft Business Solutions provides hotkeys that enable one-touch access to supporting documents tied to invoices and payments entered in the accounting software. By managing records electronically, the accounting department has decreased paper storage space from 6,000 to 2,500 square feet.

Project managers no longer call headquarters to get information, because they retrieve documents from their desktop. “These days, they live by PaperVision Enterprise,” said Fern Evans, Accounting Supervisor.

Most importantly, the PaperVision Data Transfer Manager automatically sends backup files offsite for disaster protection. “We can relax knowing that everything is captured. We have tested the system. It’s comprehensive and quick,” said Brien Abbott, IT Director.

“When vendors ask questions, we have quick, accurate information to answer them on the spot. This makes our business run more smoothly, and that is visible to the client. PaperVision Enterprise makes our company look good.”

-Fern Evans, Accounting Supervisor

Today, the HR department is able to consolidate all employee documents into a single electronic file, making information management fast, secure and mobile. When employees transfer to a different branch, they no longer fill out new paperwork. Files are transferred electronically.

As White Electrical continues to expand their ECM system into the payroll and other departments, they recognize it as a foundational technology that helps them ensure professional service for their staff, craft personnel and clients.

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