What if You Could Improve Your Decision Making? – WorkflowOTG

Does better data really lead to a more intelligent business? Today’s business environment is characterized by an increasingly rapid pace, limited resources and a glut of information. Whether it’s stacked in boxes filled with paper files or consuming gigabytes on a corporate or cloud network, many organizations have more data than they can really manage. As data becomes more difficult to manage, it also becomes more difficult to filter for the information that we need to make important decisions — dumbing down our organizations.

It stands to reason that understanding what information we have, where to locate it, and when to delete it as redundant, obsolete or trivial (ROT) has the potential to aid decision-making. With the right information in our hands at the right time in a decision-making process, we become dramatically more likely to recognize smart strategies and move in a direction that leads to a healthy organization. Sounds like business intelligence to me.

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