Ultimate One DMS, Inc.

Ultimate One DMS Launches a Profitable, Customer-Focused Business as a Digitech Systems Reseller



PROBLEM: Needed a flexible product offering that would jump-start sales for a new company and support a customer-focused business philosophy.

SOLUTION: PaperFlow™ and PaperVision® Enterprise

 Built a customer-focused business almost entirely on Digitech Systems’ scalable ECM products and attained profitability in just 90 days

After selling Digitech Systems’ solutions for other companies, Randall Smith was impressed with the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) product suite and confident that he too could start his own successful reseller business.

After becoming a Digitech Systems Value-Added Reseller, Smith’s new business established profitability in 90 days. After just two years, he was ready to take his company to a new level.

Key Benefits

  • Established profitability within 90 days
  • Earned 70% of their revenue from Digitech Systems product sales
  • Outpaced original sales forecasts by 15%
  • Upheld a commitment to customer service with Digitech Systems’ legendary technical support
  • Sold their successful business to a 100-year-old company

Business Goal
During his previous experience selling Digitech Systems’ products, Smith felt that the Digitech Systems offerings never got the marketing and sales focus they deserved. After nearly 10 years in the ECM industry, he decided it was time to look seriously into building his own start-up company. Familiar with many ECM products and manufacturers, he began researching reseller programs and seeking business partners.

The Digitech Systems Solution

Smith liked PaperVision Enterprise because of its scalability, which had previously allowed him to sell solutions to any business size or industry and to grow with customer needs. He knew a start-up business would have a higher chance for success if it based its sales on the same unlimited potential and focused on unparalleled customer service. “PaperVision Enterprise is an incredibly saleable product. It offers scalability, ease-of-use and outstanding technical support—all at an affordable price. I was ready to start my own company and to make it our flagship product,” he said.

But, Smith knew that products were only half of the success equation. The reseller relationship was also a significant factor in establishing profitability. When he compared Digitech Systems’ reseller benefits with other reseller opportunities, again Digitech Systems won the category. “One of the best things about the contract with Digitech Systems is that the initial investment is actually a credit towards future product purchases. So if we signed on, we didn’t lose that money. We would invest it in the future of our company,” he said.

Smith was confident that he had selected the right ECM partner, but he needed proof. So, he hit the streets to do some market testing. Immediately he received early customer buy-in for PaperVision Enterprise. Even before the company had a website and a logo, he had secured three customers. Next, he teamed with Todd Gallichio, a former salesman and business operations director with 15 years of experience in the document management industry, and Jeff Ricketts, a businessman experienced in creating start-ups. In 2008, they founded Ultimate One DMS and became a Digitech Systems reseller.

Business Value to Ultimate One

“Digitech Systems enables businesses to have very attractive profit margins. Plus, they have a strong channel focus and a very supportive reseller community with extraordinary technical support.”

-Randall Smith, Vice President of Technology

Ultimate One used MyDSI to get started fast. MyDSI is the online library of reseller resources that provides a wealth of marketing materials such as brochures, product logos and web-ready content. Smith’s web designer was able to build the Ultimate One website quickly, because he had everything he needed in one place.

Immediately sales were underway, and within 90 days Ultimate One established profitability. “When you set sales goals for a start-up company you make them attainable but challenging,” he said. Ultimate One has remained “in the black” and is now surpassing sales forecasts by about 15%. “We are ecstatic,” said Smith. “It’s all because we have profit margins that allow us to operate our company successfully.”

Ultimate One also attributes their immediate success to the flexibility of PaperVision Enterprise. The scalable ECM system works for small business and easily expands for large enterprise corporations with distributed systems and locations. “With PaperVision Enterprise, we can keep selling to our existing customers. After a customer implements a system, they instantly recognize the value and usually want to expand the technology into other departments. We are constantly up-selling,” he said. As a result, about 70% of their revenue comes directly from Digitech Systems’ products.

Customer service is another key to success for Ultimate One. “Whether our customers call us or call Digitech Systems for help, we are assured that their questions will be addressed in seconds, not minutes or hours,” said Smith. “This is a pledge from Digitech Systems that helps us build our reputation as a customer-focused business.”

As part of its customer promise, Ultimate One listens to customer problems and learns their business process, so it can find a solution that truly fits their needs. Digitech Systems is helping Smith uphold this commitment, because the PaperVision Enterprise software development team maintains the same philosophy. Digitech Systems encourages feedback regarding new products and makes every attempt to implement product enhancements to meet customer needs. “They listen to our product requests and make the changes we need,” said Smith. “This allows us to be responsive to our customers and show them first-class service.”

A New Partnership

Just two years after the successful business had been established, a new door of opportunity opened for Ultimate One. Smith met Fireproof Records Center CEO and Digitech Systems reseller, Mike James. After working together on a customer job, the two quickly recognized how well their companies complement each other.

Ultimate One focuses on scanning services, software sales and in-house document management. Meanwhile, Fireproof Records is a 100-year-old company with experience in outsourced paper document storage, records retention, disaster recovery and selling ImageSilo®, the Software as a Service (SaaS) version of PaperVision Enterprise. Fireproof acquired Ultimate One’s assets and brought on Smith and Gallichio as minority owners of the newly formed company. “Together, we’re able to better serve our customers throughout the entire document lifecycle,” said Smith.

Thanks to the security of an even larger ECM provider, the new company (InfoStream) is making it possible to manage bigger accounts in the Atlanta area. They are making more money by attracting new customers and selling more to existing ones. “By partnering with Digitech Systems and Fireproof, we have been able to grow our business and build financial strength,” he said. “Plus, our clients have the assurance that we will be here for the long haul.”
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