Making Remote Work Easier with the Right Technology Stack

At this point, working remotely is the new norm. Despite the sometimes rough transition period of learning how to work with each other and accomplish tasks that usually occured face-to-face, workers are realizing that work flexibility and the option to telework is something they enjoy and will continue to seek out long after the current pandemic. 

“Workers who work remotely, at least some of the time, are happier, feel more trusted, less stressed, are more inclined to recommend their employer to a friend, and are less likely to leave than their office bound colleagues.”

-Owl Labs1

Leadership is starting to see that the issue with remote work is not the perceived laziness or lack of communication of remote workers. Efficiency, collaboration, and security are suffering because of technologies that aren't meeting the needs of a remote workplace. Adopting certain technologies that digitize and manage paper files, automate time-consuming and inefficient processes, and make information accessible from anywhere, anytime, is the key to telework success. Plus, you'lll contribute to saving the environment!


If you want to learn more about making telework easier with the right technology stack, this whitepaper is for you. You'll learn: 

  • What's happening in the world of telework and why it's growing in popularity
  • Why scanning, cloud-based document management, and process automation are essential to effective remote work
  • Which key features you'll need to keep information secure while enabling work at home or on the road for your employees

Get started today!

1 Owl Labs. (2019). State of Remote Work Report 2019. Retrieved from:

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