SourceHOV Increases Profits by 600%

SourceHOV Joins Digitech Systems and Increases Profits by 600%  



PROBLEM: To find an ECM software that would meet their needs as a professional service bureau and make them money

SOLUTION: PaperFlow™, PaperVision® Enterprise and ImageSilo®

 Streamlined document imaging processes, expanded offerings and improved profits by 600%


With a deep history in document management services, SourceHOV can be traced back to 1978. The business started in microfilm services but later transitioned to document scanning and imaging services. By 1995, SourceHOV recognized that, despite advancements in computer technology, scanning and imaging software was still unreliable, hard to use and unfit for service bureaus needing high-performance imaging systems. They needed better tools for their trade.

In a 12-month-long search for the ultimate Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution, SourceHOV found the superior software they were looking for in the hands of a developer ready to start his own company. Feeling Digitech Systems was on the brink of success, SourceHOV decided to build a partnership. Since becoming one of Digitech Systems’ first resellers in 1998, they generate 250% more sales.

Key Benefits

  • Increases profits by 600%
  • Boosts sales by 250%
  • Reduces sales cycles by 25%
  • Expands into new markets and leverages existing customers for new sales
  • Differentiates ECM offerings with a competitive pricing structure
  • Uses PaperFlow to grow operations, offer 24-hour services and serve more customers


Business Goal

Formerly named MicroMedia of New England, Inc., and SOURCECOPR Boston, SourceHOV is one of the largest document imaging service organizations in New England. They provide document management services, including scanning, data entry, optical character recognition, vault storage and installation and support of document management systems.

In 1998, SourceHOV had 200 customers. Sales cycles were somewhat complicated and were frequently bogged down by corporate approval processes that took an average of six months to complete. Sales were slow but steady with 15 to 20 new customers each year. Profitability was acceptable, but their most painful problem was the absence of simple and reliable imaging technology. At that time, scanning software was complicated and none of it was designed for a professional service bureau. SourceHOV lost hours of valuable time working with what was available at the time, while constantly searching for a better product.

“We needed someone who understood our business needs. We wanted a production-level ECM system that was easy to use, simple to install and easy for customers to learn,” said Arthur “Sandy” McGinnes, President of SourceHOV. “Most of all, we needed software that we could sell at a fair price and make money.”

The Digitech Systems Solution

Frustrated after months of searching for superior software, McGinnes contacted other service bureaus and anyone he thought might provide software solutions for his business. After little success, a letter and software demonstration CD arrived in the mail. It was from Scott Matthews, Founder and CTO of Digitech Systems, and contained the first versions of PaperFlow, the scanning and imaging software and PaperVision Enterprise, the on-premise ECM system. “This was the answer to our prayers!” said McGinnes. “Finally we found someone who understood the needs of a service bureau and a product that offered the right, easy-to-use features.”

Tom Zeliff, Vice President of SourceHOV, flew to Nebraska to meet Matthews, review the new product and discuss their options as one of the only Digitech Systems resellers. McGinnes knew it would be a risk to sign on with a new company, but the quality software on his screen reassured him. With just a smile and a handshake, the deal was done. “We were promised that Digitech Systems would take care of us, and they have,” said Zeliff. Since 1998, SourceHOV has sold every product Digitech Systems offers, including ImageSilo, the on-demand ECM service and other add-on services.

Business Value to SourceHOV

Since implementing PaperFlow’s full-featured document capture and indexing system, SourceHOV has been able to grow their scanning operation tremendously, offer 24-hour service and serve more customers in the New England area.

Digitech Systems’ ECM technology is a significant source of SourceHOV’s sales revenue. Today, they have 350 Digitech Systems customers and 2.5 terabytes of information under management with ImageSilo. As an outsourced monthly ECM service, ImageSilo provides SourceHOV with recurring revenue and maintenance-free data storage. Since they started selling Digitech Systems products, sales have increased 250%, profits have skyrocketed 600% and they have been consistently recognized as a top Digitech Systems reseller.

Sales cycles are now 25% shorter and have dramatically decreased with ImageSilo. On average, sales cycles last just three to six months, but on-demand sales can be as short as one week. “ImageSilo is easy to sell, because it requires less IT involvement and no capital expenditure,” said McGinnes. “With ImageSilo we get executive approval sooner and close deals faster.”

“The Digitech Systems product suite helps us reach new markets, leverage existing customers for new sales in different departments and meet unique business needs,” said Zeliff. Seamless integration with virtually any application and features like Scan2ImageSilo have sparked new interest and opened doors to new customers. Scan2ImageSilo enables users to scan and upload documents from virtually any scanner directly into their on-demand ECM system.

“Customers are amazed that we offer these technically sophisticated yet easy-to-use ECM systems. With Digitech Systems’ products, we often provide solutions that they thought weren’t even possible.”

-Arthur “Sandy” McGinnes, President of SourceHOV

Directory Manager is one feature SourceHOV uses to offer creative solutions that impress customers and provide business value. It automates the importation and indexing of information from any source media to the ECM system. One customer was paying $30,000 a year to send a large number of invoices from 14 distribution centers to a central office for processing. Now, they use Directory Manager to automatically upload electronic invoices to ImageSilo, where the central office can immediately access them online.

SourceHOV uses Digitech Systems to move ECM from a luxury convenience to an essential element of any business. Digitech Systems provides competitive prices that help the sales team differentiate themselves from competitors while still offering superior technology.


“Over the past 30 years SourceHOV has worked with many different ECM products and vendors, and Digitech Systems stands above all the rest,” said McGinnes. “Through the years, they continue to build superior software because they involve resellers—those who understand customer needs—in the product development and testing process. They do an outstanding job meeting our needs and supporting our customers. That builds tremendous value not just to our business but to the customer’s business as well!”