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Give your customers the option of implementing an on-premise ECM system with PaperVision® Enterprise or a cloud ECM service with ImageSilo®. Then show them the power of Business Process Automation by helping them route information from step-to-step in a business process with PaperVision® Enterprise WorkFlow and sharing information between applications and automating tasks using our Process Automation Tools. You’ll boost their ROI and look like a hero!

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What if you could expand your business by offering cloud storage under your own brand name?

For over a decade, CASO has been one of the few Digitech Systems’ resellers who offers full conversion and ECM services remotely and onsite, and today CASO serves 100 Digitech Systems’ clients. Read their story to learn why they attribute much of their recurring revenue to ImageSilo®.

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Are You in Control Over Who Has Access to Your Customer’s Sensitive Information?

Is your customers’ data secure?
See how RMMI, a Digitech Systems reseller, was able to increase the security of their customers’ files with ECMNOW!

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Digiscribe Increases Recurring Revenue with ECMNOW!

Struggling to break into new markets with ECM?
Digiscribe was able to expand into new markets while increasing recurring revenue with the ECMNOW! suite!

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Shortened Sales Cycles Allowed Imagetek to Grow Business with ECMNOW!

Want to shorten your sales cycles?
Imagetek was able to shorten sales cycles as well as expand their customer base and increase their recurring revenue with ECMNOW!.

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ImageSilo® becomes “Most Profitable” part of Datamation’s Imaging Business

What if you could grow your revenue by 20% on average each year?
ImageSilo® has been a huge boost to Datamation’s overall service offering and revenue stream.

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SourceHOV Increases Profits by 600%

What if you could increase profits by 600%?
Since SOURCECORP began selling Digitech Systems products, their sales have increased 250% and profits have skyrocketed 600%!

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