With so many businesses moving workers to remote locations, how is the transition for your business? Businesses are struggling, not because of the stigma associated with remote work enabling laziness, but because remote work is highlighting already inefficient information management processes in place. IDC explains that the average knowledge worker spends about 25% of their time managing information, yet we only find what we need 56% of the time.1

By integrating a cloud-based Enterprise Content Management (ECM) service, like ImageSilo® or PaperVision®.com, you can get your team working remotely and efficiently right away! When you store your documents in the cloud you can access what you need from anywhere, anytime, ensuring your data is securely protected while increasing productivity. Plus, when used in conjunction with other powerful tools such as scanning and capture and workflow, you can not only digitally transform your business, but save money, improve customer service, and improve employee morale.

“ImageSilo has changed our whole environment so we don’t have the avalanche of paper everywhere anymore. Digitization has improved the accuracy of our financial records and is even helping enable remote work.”

-Kelly Basham, AP Specialist, Cooperative Educational Services
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1 Schubmelh, D. (2014). The Knowledge Quotient: Unlocking the Hidden Value of Information Using Search and Content Analytics. Framingham, MA: IDC.

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