Records Consultants, Inc.

RCI saw Revenue Skyrocket by $200,000 with PaperVision®


DIGITECH SYSTEMS RESELLER: Records Consultants, Inc.

PROBLEM: RCI needed an in-house scanning and ECM solution after trying, and failing with third-party involvement

PaperVision® Enterprise, PaperVision® Capture and ImageSilo®

 Helped clients scan documents 75% faster and made $200,000 in its first 90 days

Completes customer scanning jobs in two weeks, a 75% productivity increase!

Improves customers’ ability to comply with the Local Government Records Act

Made $200,000 in revenue in just the first six months of offering Digitech Systems products

Records Consultants, Inc. (RCI) is a records management company that has been dealing with paper for the last 20 years. When RCI got into the records management business in 1985, daily operations consisted of classifying documents and organizing filing rooms. When RCI’s clients started requesting imaging and scanning services, Dan Gibbens, President and CEO, knew the company had to upgrade its offerings fast. PaperVision Capture and PaperVision Enterprise have taken RCI’s business to the next level, making them more money faster!

Business Goal

In order to better serve its customers, RCI decided to change things up and add imaging to the mix. Before becoming a Digitech Systems reseller, RCI merely dipped its toe into this part of the business, on the front end of things. RCI would scan customers’ documents to and then relied on its resellers to its reseller to index the documents, perform various levels of quality control and package the data before finally delivering the final output to a client. Eventually, RCI decided to become fully vested in this technology. Gibbens decided that RCI had to control the entire process from the  intital scanning of the paper to the delivery of the image to the client.

“There were too many layers between us and our clients,” he said. “It was too cumbersome to have someone in between. We needed to be more hands on.”

RCI wanted to be the main scanning hub for its clients, without having to rely on a third party. Ultimately, RCI’s best bet was to eliminate the middle man and become a reseller. RCI wanted the ability to provide clients with document imaging services, along with an ongoing ECM strategy to help with the management of incoming documents.

The Digitech Systems Solution

In October, 2012, RCI also started selling PaperVision Enterprise and ImageSilo. To get acclimated, the RCI staff immersed themselves in learning the products and the technology. They started by attending the PaperVision Enterprise technical training certification course. The next step was introducing their clients who were tenured in paper processes to the technology.

“We’re touching their records already,” Gibbens explained. “We’re a little blue-collar on this because we actually provide all the physical labor for our clients. These are small to medium-sized, sometimes rural government entities and they don’t have the manpower they need to move towards electronic content management. Our strategy is to provide turn-key document imaging by helping them with the permanent documents that they are required to store and maintain. Once we help them with that, we talk to them about going into the ECM world and actually processing records in electronic format.”


We just decided that we had to control the paper from the scanning to the delivery of the image. That’s why we decided to become a reseller. Now we can provide our clients with document imaging services, plus an on-going ECM strategy because they are adding new documents all the time. PaperVision Enterprise is great for that.  Digitech Systems provided the platform that can take us to the next level, and allow us to make more money in the process.”

-Dan Gibbens, 
CEO and President

RCI has roughly 700 clients that they serve every year with recently inactive and long-term documents. While they’re cataloguing, storing and processing these outdated documents, RCI simply suggests the client let them take a box of files, scan the documents into PaperVision Enterprise and provide them with a demo. This shows the customer how their files would look in an electronic environment. RCI has found out that was the only marketing they needed!

“We’re getting a ton of work,” Gibbens exclaimed. “It’s so much that we can’t keep up with it.”

In the six short months that RCI has been selling Digitech Systems products, the company has already seen significant efficiency, control and money gains! Before doing the scanning and selling themselves, it would take RCI two months to complete a project from start to finish. Today, the process is much faster and more efficient. For example, RCI scanned and indexed all permanent business documents for a local customer in just two weeks, a 75% improvement. Gibbens expects this process to become faster, and smoother as time progresses.

RCI serves local government agencies, school districts, city government, counties and municipalities. When dealing with permanent documents from these types of entities, they are subject to specific regulations and compliance. The security features and capabilities in PaperVision Capture and PaperVision Enterprise allow for improved control of pertinent information, which in turn, helps RCI and its clients with adhering to regulations such as the Local Government Records Act, along with the Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

When RCI got started as a reseller, Gibbens never dreamed they’d see profits as quickly as they have. Since implementing PaperVision Capture in its service bureau and offering PaperVision Enterprise to existing customers in late 2012, RCI has already brought in $200,000! And that was in the first six months alone! For a new reseller, RCI’s results are impressive. The records consulting company plans to achieve ECM revenues of $1 million in 2013, and $3 million in 2014.

For RCI, taking the scanning portion of its business into its own hands was a productive and lucrative decision.

Now they can serve more of their customers’ needs, and in a more efficient way. Plus—it allowed them to expand their product line to include both on-premise and cloud ECM!


RCI is well-known in Texas, and nationwide for its stellar records consulting and management services. Adding ECM to their offerings will only legitimize their reputation in the industry, while allowing them to cross into new markets, achieve higher profits and keep up to date with changing technology.

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