Automated Business Solutions allow Polar Imaging to Grow Business with ECMNOW!

Digitech Systems Reseller

Polar Imaging, Inc.


Wanted to grow business by offering automated business solutions



Recognized Benefit

Improved close rates on deals, maintain 90% customer retention rate, decreased implementation times, while increasing annual revenue 120%

Polar Imaging, Inc. has a history dating back to the 1970s. They started as a spinoff of an early microfilm business, evolved to selling scanners and scanning services in 2001, and became a Digitech Systems reseller in early 2002. “As the industry changed we knew we had to expand our sales strategy because we didn’t want to be just a scanning service bureau,” said owner Greg Todd. In 2010, Polar Imaging further extended their offerings to sell ImageSilo®, a cloud-based Enterprise Content Management Solution (ECM), to increase their recurring revenue stream.

Since becoming a Digitech Systems reseller they have not only been able to expand their ECM offerings, but they now have the ability to offer automated mailroom solutions and custom integrations which have given them the ability to streamline business processes for virtually any size organization.

  • Close rate of over 85% on new deals
  • 90% of customer retention rate for customers over five years
  • ImageSilo revenue has increased annually 120% since 2010
  • Users require little to no training, reducing implementation times
The Business Goal

“In the early 2000s, our business was very simple. We sold scanners and scanning services. We did nothing more than scan documents and hand them back to the customer as images on a CD,” said Director of Business Development, Steve Todd. The entire company consisted of just a handful of employees and a single scanning station that turned customer’s paper documents into electronic files. Simplicity didn’t come without challenges. The service bureau used a limited document capture software program that required IT resources and software programmers to export scanned images into different file types. Polar Imaging didn’t have these resources, and as a result, project capabilities were restricted.

The business potential was also hindered by a narrow sales approach. Polar Imaging’s revenue model centered on one-time scanner sales and simple document conversion projects that mostly resulted in short-term income. About 85% of their revenue came from scanning services and 15% from hardware sales. “We were profitable—but not hugely profitable. Every month was a battle because we were constantly hoping to find more new customers,” said Steve.

The Digitech Systems Solution

Since 2002, Polar Imaging has evolved with the industry and their customer’s needs. They have expanded their offerings to include scanning services, automated accounts payable solutions, cloud and on-premise ECM, workflow solutions, and forms processing. Being able to offer custom solutions that focus on business automation for accounts payable and healthcare has really allowed them to grow and expand their business.

“Being able to offer customizable solutions to our customers is what makes us unique. We have been a reseller for 16 years. We use the ECMNOW! products ourselves, and we use them for our customers. That’s a huge advantage to us because that makes us the experts.”

– Steve Todd, Director of Business Development

Today, Polar Imaging is implementing solutions they would never have dreamed were possible back in 2002 thanks to the ECMNOW! products. “The ease of use and the flexibility of the product offering has allowed us to do some really neat things with the software,” said Steve.

Currently, they are using PaperVision® Capture in-house to scan files and they recently implemented automated mailroom services for their clients to help in accounts payable processing. According to Steve, “The artificial intelligence technology that PaperVision® Forms Magic uses has really allowed us to work on projects that never would have been possible before. For example, we have a client that processes 90,000 invoices annually and we were able to automatically classify, sort and extract the data they need from the invoices. After implementing a solution like that, there isn’t anything we can’t do!” Since they started using PaperVision Capture in-house, they have seen a 20% increase in efficiency on every scan job—which has led to increased revenue.

Thanks to the ECMNOW! suite, Polar Imaging benefits from shorter sales cycles because they can offer complete solutions either in the cloud or with on-premise software. “We close on average 85% of the deals we work on,” said Steve. “I credit this to the fact that the software is so easy to use and implement.” They also use change management techniques in their sales strategy. Steve explains, “When you can get a champion on your side from the very beginning it makes closing the sale a much easier task.”

Polar Imaging also enjoys more control of their profitability thanks to the relationship, they have with their customers and Digitech Systems. “We retain 90% of our customers for at least five years,” said Steve. They attribute much of this satisfaction to the relationship they have with Digitech Systems technical support team. “Whenever we have a problem the technical support team is always there to help us. It’s a true partnership.”

Not only has Polar Imaging been able to expand their probability with more offerings they are building a stable business that provides a constant stream of recurring revenue. “We’re are very fortunate to have a strong portion of our profits recurring every month. We have seen ImageSilo revenue grow 120% each year since 2010,” said Steve. “In fact, 25% our total revenue comes from Digitech Systems products alone.”

By far, Polar Imaging’s favorite thing about working with Digitech Systems products is how easy the products are to use and implement. “It takes us about a half a day to train power users, and we don’t even have to train users how to use ImageSilo,” said Steve. “It really makes implementations quick and easy. Being able to decrease the time it takes to implement solutions, makes our customers happy while increasing our revenue.”


Today, Polar Imaging serves more than 400 customers and continues to experience steady growth. “Digitech Systems products have consistently exceeded our needs and allowed us to have unbelievable growth over the years,” said Steve. “We’re very loyal to Digitech Systems. They support our business, and we support theirs. We always lead with our brand name, but the ECM technology and great technical support behind our name are all Digitech Systems.”

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