How Would Your Organization Improve if You Could Automatically Classify and Extract Critical Data?

How would your organization benefit if you could eliminate manual data entry? Every business has forms, and the larger the business the more forms there are to handle. According to AIIM, 29% of businesses are processing more than 1,000 forms per day (25,000 per year). Each form presents a process, and each process requires employees entering and processing the data. Forms processing, character recognition, and automatic document routing technologies have potential benefits in improving productivity and eliminating manual tasks to increase accuracy throughout business processes.

Human errors plague organizations, which end up costing them thousands of dollars annually. Organizations have begun adopting the forms processing technology but have run into issues with correlating and recognition. A large number of those who have not implemented any forms processing software feel that it is not cost effective or it is too difficult to setup to accommodate various form layouts.

Streamline operations by automating manual processes to improve efficiency across your entire enterprise. With our award-winning and patented artificial intelligence engine, PaperVision® Forms Magic™ Technology (FM Technology), your organization can automatically recognize, classify, and extract critical data with any document to populate index values. The captured data can then be exported and sent to electronic workflows and line-of-business (LOB) applications to improve decision making. 

Our customers have averaged classification accuracy above 90%, what are you waiting for? Click to learn more about going from manual to automatic today!