PaperVision® Enterprise Improves Productivity for CAPCO Tile & Stone


CAPCO Tile & Stone

Digitech Systems Reseller:

D2Xchange, LLC, Greenwood Village, CO


Cumbersome paper-based customer records system cost CAPCO time and money


PaperVision® Enterprise and PaperFlow™

Recognized Benefit

“We can respond to customers more quickly–in most instances, while they are still on the phone. From an operational efficiency and customer service perspective, our ROI has been instantaneous!”

– Kyle Smith, Special Projects Manager

Managing their paper filing system had become an overwhelming task for CAPCO Tile & Stone, a privately owned importer and distributor of ceramic and stone tile as well as stone slab products.

Key Benefits

  • 87% reduction in the time taken to find customer data – from 15 minutes to 2 minutes
  • Regained 325 productive hours each month
  • $45,000 savings expected in the first year
  • Reduced headcount by one employee 25-30% estimated reduction in record keeping inaccuracies

Following the implementation of PaperFlow to scan paper documents, and PaperVision Enterprise to organize and retrieve those documents, CAPCO has regained 325 hours of employee time each month and expects to save tens of thousands of dollars in their first year.

The Situation

CAPCO Tile & Stone imports and distributes ceramic tile, stone tile, and stone slab products from Italy, Spain, Canada, Brazil, India and Mexico. They were established in Colorado Springs, CO in 1977. Their twenty-nine year history in the tile and stone industry has positioned them as one of the premier tile distributors in the Rocky Mountain region. They have nine retail locations in Colorado and one in Las Vegas, NV.

Prior to the implementation of PaperVision Enterprise, CAPCO relied largely on paper records to manage customer files, invoices and accounts payable records. This paper-intensive process was time-consuming and costly. “We have ten very busy branch offices. You can imagine the paperwork we generate and the challenge we have managing all the order tickets, invoices, credit applications, and other customer-related paperwork,” said Smith.

At their headquarters location, one large room was entirely dedicated to filing cabinets, and the company employed a full-time file clerk. When an employee in the corporate office needed to find a document, they had to leave their desk, walk to the file room and search the cabinets. The branch offices would call the file clerk, who would search the physical archives for the requested records. Copies were mailed or faxed. Occasionally, when a large request came in, records were copied and then placed on a materials transfer truck along with a load of tile or stone products for transport to the branch office. On average, it took employees about fifteen minutes to track down needed records during a search.

Once a year, the company would purge the file room to move older records to offsite storage, which made them even harder to locate. Smith explained, “Once customer information was moved, it was really difficult to find, which significantly increased the amount of time it took to locate the requested record.”

CAPCO Tile & Stone wanted to decrease the costs associated with managing their customer files, increase employee productivity, and enhance customer service.

The Solution

D2Xchange, LLC, a Denver-based Digitech Systems reseller, installed PaperVision Enterprise and PaperFlow in early November 2005. It took only four days to completely install and configure the system and to train the system administrators. In fact, the whole implementation was so easy that they had a couple of extra days left to fully test and customize the system before it was rolled out to the entire company.

An additional sixty users, spread over the company’s ten locations, were trained over the phone by giving them a username and password and encouraging them to login and call if they had questions. “They never had questions,” says Kyle Smith. “Everyone was able to login and figure it out. Training was a breeze!”

Recognized Benefits

“We expect to save more than $45,000 in the first year with PaperVision Enterprise.”

– Kyle Smith, Special Projects Manager

All ten CAPCO locations now have instant access to information through the company’s internal network. The time it takes to retrieve customer information has been reduced from fifteen minutes to just seconds in most cases. The PaperVision Enterprise system has freed up more than 325 hours of employee productivity each month. Branch locations have direct access to all corporate records, so there is no longer any need to copy, fax or ship records between locations.

In addition, PaperFlow was integrated with the company’s order system, to eliminate much of the double-entry of information. Instead of individually typing in the identifying index values for each document, the system automatically pulls that data from the order entry system through the use of a barcode and match and merge technology, saving the company hundreds of additional hours of productivity per year. Smith estimates this has improved the accuracy of record-keeping as much as 30%.

The company has recognized significant cost savings in their records archiving and auditing processes as well. “Auditors come in and find what they need by logging into the system. They’re in and out faster, which saves us money,” said Smith. Additionally, it used to take one full-time employee several weeks to go through all the files and pull older records to be shipped to permanent storage. The new system’s powerful search and reporting capabilities have simplified this process by placing all records at the fingertips of employees. It’s so simple, in fact, that the company did not rehire their file clerk, when that full-time employee left last year.

“We’re very pleased with the disaster recovery options built into the system,” said Smith. “PaperVision Enterprise facilitates simple but powerful disaster recovery planning, which is non-existent in a paper system. With electronic data, you are backing up your files every day. That is an extra level of protection we didn’t have before.”

CAPCO Tile & Stone is quite pleased with their new ECM system. Smith said, “We expect to save more than $45,000 in the first year with PaperVision Enterprise. We couldn’t be happier.”

About D2Xchange, LLC.

D2Xchange is a full-service imaging and document management company, with particular expertise in managing human resource, payroll and financial documents and data. They have been in business since 1992, formerly operating under the name Document Imaging. They offer a full range of online, server-hosted and CD-ROM document storage and archival options including a variety of electronic document management solutions. A wholly-owned subsidiary of Global DocuGraphix, D2Xchange has more than 4000 customers across the United States, including Marriott, Nestle, Toys R Us, Johnson & Johnson and the Denver Broncos.

To learn more about D2Xchange, visit their website at or toll-free call 866-329-8599.

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