Are You Overwhelmed by Paper?

According to The Paperless Project, employees spend 30-40% of their time looking for information locked in email and filing cabinets. Being overwhelmed by paper files and having difficulty finding information when you need it can make it feel like you are drowning in paper. It should be apparent how eliminating paper across the entire organization would save time, improve efficiency, and increase physical space that could be used for what is most important, your customers.

Paper is a problem for any business because it is vulnerable to theft, disorder, and disaster. What if you could scan your documents right from your desk? Turn your documents into usable, searchable files right from and save your organization time and money with PaperFlow™. It works with virtually any scanner to convert paper documents to electronic files that can be used with other applications to maximize office productivity.

This technology eliminates paper to securely organize your documents and save you money! Take back control with PaperFlow!

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