NEdocs Builds Strong and Lasting Business with ECMNOW!

A Digitech Systems reseller since 1997, NEdocs required a solution that would benefit their internal document scanning and management needs, and a partner with a robust product suite. They met these goals by implementing and reselling PaperVision® Capture, PaperVision® Enterprise, PaperFlow, and ImageSilo®.


  • Saw profits within one month of becoming a Digitech Systems reseller, and improved internal processes
  • Can provide HIPAA and 201 CRM-17 compliant services, along with other regulatory needs across many industries
  • Attributes 95% of scanning revenue to utilizing PaperVision Capture and selling ImageSilo
  • Completes training for PaperVision Enterprise and ImageSilo customers in just one hour

Nick_Bratton_Small“We can attribute such a high volume of success directly to Digitech Sytems, because we do not offer multiple ECM and scanning products like many other document solution providers. Instead, we have set our focus on a product line that we truly believe in and support unconditionally. By providing us with a suite of industry-leading tools, Digitech Systems outfitted New England Document Systems for immediate and continued success.”

– Nick Brattan, CEO

Implementation provided by New England Document Systems.
Contact them at or at 1.800.340.1171. 

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