MuniMetriX Enters New Markets with ECMNOW!

After starting business helping government entities manage public records, MuniMetriX became a reseller of PaperVision® Enterprise, PaperVision® Capture, PaperFlow, and ImageSilo® in 2001. The ECMNOW! suite has sped time to revenue while improving customer service, training and implementation for their customers. Today, they’ve expanded into the financial services sector and are experiencing explosive growth.


  • Shortens sales cycles from one year to just weeks or even a single day.
  • Stabilize revenue, increase strategic options, and reduce stress thanks to recurring revenue from ImageSilo, the cloud ECM service.
  • Grew sales and customers by more than 50% last year thanks to ECMNOW!
  • Takes just a few hours to setup and train new accounts, speeding implementation and time to revenue.

Bruse_Rector“We attribute 100% of our sales growth to the ECMNOW! suite. ImageSilo is the keystone of our cash flow, which is a lot less stressful. We are protected by the stability and control of recurring revenue, which allows us to offer extraordinary customer service to our clients. We’ve expanded into new markets, and we are able to offer customers a choice between software or cloud to meet their document management needs.”

– Bruce Rector, Owner and President

Contact MuniMetrix at or at 800.548.7895. 

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