How Do You Access Your Information?

Cisco forecasts that by 2021 there will be 1.5 devices per person and 11.6 billion mobile-connected devices. The impact of the growth of mobile devices supports the importance of mobile access to content while on-the-go, mobile interaction with content, capture to process, remote access to workflows, and cloud-based collaboration. Mobility is becoming a necessity for organizations and is vital to provide real-time access to business processes from remote locations to stay ahead of their competition and boost customer service.

Organizations are still holding back from allowing mobile access to employees because of concerns of costs and security. AIIM reported only 16% of companies  report they can access sensitive company information on mobile devices. Isolated content access limits employees' ability to maintain their daily productivity by not having access to workflows or business processes while out of the office.

Boost your productivity by extending existing processes to mobile Enterprise Content Management (ECM). Mobile ECM provides businesses with the ability to capture, manage, store and securely access any document, anywhere, anytime®.

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