Can You Securely Access Your Business Files on Your Mobile Device?

For organization's of all sizes and virtually all industries, working on the go can streamline operations and reduce costs. According to Gartner, 70% of software interactions in the enterprise will occur on mobile devices by 2020.1 However, AIIM reports 84% of companies surveyed say they are isolated from normal business workflows when out and about, and 39% have no mobile access whatsoever.2

What if you had access to your business files 24x7, on virtually any device? By integrating a cloud-based Enterprise Content Management (ECM) service, like ImageSilo® you can get moving on your mobile device right away! When you store your documents in the cloud you can access what you need from anywhere, ensuring your data is securely protected while increasing productivity.

Improve how your organization does business on the go with this two-page industry brief that is designed to help you understand the specific technology you need to improve your processes.

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